Tragic accident on Phetchakasem Road claims multiple lives

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A tragic incident unfolded at 8am today on the Phetchakasem Road, Pattalung-Hatyai route when a pickup truck carrying construction workers was involved in a fatal collision with a motorbike. The incident transpired in the vicinity of Moo 13, Kok Sak Sub-District, Bang Kaeo District, Pattalung Province. Following the alert, local police and volunteer rescuers from Mae Kari, Bang Kaeo Hospital, and Tahom Hospital rushed to the scene.

At the accident site, authorities found the lifeless body of 77 year old Khluen, lying approximately 100 metres from the scene. His severely damaged motorbike was found 10 metres away. Nearby, a pickup truck with the registration number ผน9284 Songkhla, filled with construction workers, had skidded off the road, its left side significantly damaged.

The truck’s tyres had burst from the impact of the crash, killing four individuals and injuring several others. Among the injured were three females and a child, while the driver also sustained injuries. Rescuers rushed the injured to Tamod Hospital.

A grim picture emerged as officers discovered that three other construction workers, who had been sitting at the back of the truck, had been thrown onto the road and into a ditch, resulting in their deaths. All the evidence was recorded for further investigation, reported KhaoSod.

The truck driver, 33 year old Wachara, recounted that he was returning from picking up workers in the Khao Chai Son area of Pattalung Province to drop them off at a construction site in Pa Bon District. As he approached the accident site, a motorcycle abruptly switched lanes from the left to the right just before a U-turn, leaving him with no time to brake. The unavoidable collision caused his truck to lose control, burst a tyre and crash into a roadside tree. The force of the impact ejected the construction workers from the vehicle, resulting in the reported fatalities.

Eyewitnesses from the local community confirmed that the pick-up truck was indeed speeding, which may have impaired its braking capabilities. This, along with the sudden lane change by the motorcyclist, culminated in this unfortunate accident.

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