Thai man dies by flurry of bullets while going to get 2nd Covid shot

A 27 year-old Thai man has died after receiving a flurry of bullets from a gunman who had stopped the vehicle in which he was travelling. The man, Ampol Bunthong, a native of Phetchabun, was shot 10 times, according to police. The attack occured at about 8:20am this morning, at the Saraphi junction in Muang district.

Ampol was riding with 50 year old Rojana Cheewee, when they were targetted. A garland seller says she saw the gunman and described him as being tall, with a pale complexion. The eyewitness says he was wearing a motorcycle helmet when he attacked them with a 9mm pistol. He parked his motorcycle in front of the pickup truck at the intersection and tried to open the driver’s door, while arguing with Rojana.

Ampol had opened the passenger door and started running away after being shot, but the gunman was close behind, travelling against traffic. The witness says when he caught up to Ampol, he shot him repeatedly, leaving Ampol to fall to the ground, while the gunmen fled.

The witness said Rojana stated that she was friends with Ampol, who was a rice farmer in Phetchabun province. She also said they were on their way to get their 2nd Covid vaccine at Phahon Phonpayuhasena Hospital. Rojana fainted at the scene, with her clothes covered in blood stains.

Police say they have not questioned the woman at the time of this article’s publishing, nor have they identified the gunman at this time.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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