Flipside fiasco: Toyota Fortuner flips in severe collision with 18-wheel trailer

A severe collision occurred on a motorway bridge in Chachoengsao province when a Toyota Fortuner crashed into the rear of an 18-wheel trailer truck, causing the SUV to flip numerous times and suffer extensive damage. The police are investigating the incident, which left both drivers injured.

A Toyota Fortuner last night collided with the back of an 18-wheel trailer on a motorway bridge in Tha Sa An, Chachoengsao province. The accident resulted in the SUV flipping over several times and suffering major damage. The truck driver was 50 year old Pattira while 54 year old Sagrit was the driver of the Fortuner.

The truck, with Bangkok registration plates, was stopped in the middle of the second lane of the bridge when the incident occurred. Its rear right side had been severely damaged, causing all four tyres to burst, reported KhaoSod.

In contrast, the Toyota Fortuner was found overturned in the right lane, having lost its entire left side due to the impact. Sarit sustained head injuries and was taken to Chulalongkorn Hospital.

Pattira revealed that she was driving in the third lane and heard a loud noise coming from the rear of her truck. This was followed by the Fortuner flipping several yards ahead of her vehicle. She slowly manoeuvred the truck across the two lanes and braked to prevent further collisions with oncoming traffic. Luckily, an approaching Ferrari in the far right lane saw the accident and managed to stop just in time, narrowly avoiding another collision.

Regarding Sarit, he claimed he was driving home to Chon Buri province when the accident occurred, though he could not recall the circumstances leading up to the crash. When he regained consciousness, his SUV was already flipped over multiple times.

Police are conducting further investigations to get to the bottom of the accident and obtain statements from both drivers.

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