Lorry driver’s fatigue causes fatal accident with monks in Nakhon Ratchasima

A lorry driver’s fatigue resulted in a tragic accident at 6am today, when the vehicle collided with three monks near the Non Phet intersection in Chokchai district, Nakhon Ratchasima province. The accident left one monk dead and two others injured.

The incident took place on Highway 24, Chokchai-Det Udom Road, at a milestone of 59+700 from the Chokchai sub-district. The six-wheeled lorry, bearing the registration number 3 ฒม 6062, had a ‘Homchan Service’ sticker on it and was parked on the roadside. About 7 metres from the crash site, the injured monks were found and promptly attended by volunteer paramedics from Hook 31 Korat Foundation.

The injured monks were identified as 45 year old Phra Poon Poykratok, 54 year old Phra Charoen Wongsuttal, and 69 year old Phra Sak Chai Buenkunthod. While the two younger monks received initial medical treatment at a nearby hospital, Phra Sak Chai tragically succumbed to his injuries on the way, due to severe head trauma.

The lorry driver, 21 year old Natthaphon Homchan, initially claimed that fatigue was the primary cause of the accident. Prior to the incident, Natthaphon had travelled from Ramkhamhaeng to Ubon Ratchathani province to collect medical equipment, and picked up his girlfriend in Sri Sa Ket province. Despite resting at a petrol station along the way, the couple continued to travel to Pathum Thani the following morning, with the driver experiencing bouts of sleepiness before the accident occurred.

Phra Charoen, the abbot of Wat Non Phet, was leading his fellow monks on a religious procession at the time of the incident. The authorities are now further investigating the case for possible legal action against the driver, with the affected community grieving for the monks involved in this tragic event.

In related news, after crashing into the back of a lorry in Chon Buri, a 28 year old motorcyclist died, but the lorry driver ran away from the scene. Police are looking at CCTV footage to find the driver and are asking people to be careful on the roads, especially on bypass roads where people tend to drive fast. Read full story HERE.

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