Tragic collision: Motorcycle and 18-wheeler in fatal Motorway 7 crash in Pattaya

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A high-speed accident involving a motorcycle and an 18-wheeler resulted in a fatal crash on Motorway 7, according to on-site police investigations. Initial reports suggest the motorcyclist collided with the lorry without applying brakes, indicating high-speed travel. The accident occurred in the Nong Pla Lai district, in Pattaya, Chon Buri, and is now under detailed investigation.

In the aftermath of the accident, a white Honda Wave 125i motorcycle, with a red licence plate was found at the scene in a severely damaged condition. The motorcycle’s odometer was stuck at 100 kilometres per hour, pointing to its high-speed travel before the collision. The deceased, presumed to be a utility Lineman due to his clothing, was found near the motorcycle. His identity and background remain to be confirmed as no relevant evidence was found at the scene, reported KhaoSod.

A short distance from the motorcycle, an 18-wheeler was spotted parked on the left side of the road. It showed minor damage on its rear side, marking the point of impact. The 35 year old truck driver, Vinai (surname withheld), was present at the scene awaiting police officers.

He reported being en route from Pattaya City to deliver waste to a power plant in the province of Saraburi when he heard a loud noise from the rear of his truck. Upon stopping to inspect, he found the motorbike had hit the back of his truck and alerted insurance and police authorities.

Police officers from Bang Lamung and rescue workers from Sawang Bariboon Thammasathan Pattaya City Foundation were on site for an inspection post the incident.

Further investigation is ongoing, with an understanding that the motorcyclist was travelling at speed when the collision occurred, given the odometer’s frozen state. The police are also considering the lack of tyre marks that generally indicate a braking attempt. However, the precise cause of the accident will be determined post a detailed investigation.

Another sombre chapter was added to the tragic toll of Thailand’s perilous roads today when a 48 year old Scottish man became yet another victim. The unfortunate incident unfolded when Robert Griffin, a shipping officer from Fife, lost control of his white Honda Click motorbike, resulting in a head-on collision with another motorcyclist in Krabi, a province in southern Thailand.

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