Fatal crash at notorious Panthong bend leaves one dead, several injured

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A severe accident occurred at a notorious bend in Panthong, Chon Buri, resulting in the death of one individual and serious injuries to several others. The collision involved an Isuzu SUV and a Toyota pickup truck.

At 4.30am today, Kittikul Amatatrakul, Deputy Inspector of Investigation at Panthong Police Station, Chon Buri, received a report of a crash at the Christian cemetery bend in Khok Khinon sub-district. Responding swiftly, the police, along with the Sawang Uthayan Thammasathan rescue team, arrived on the scene to find a devastating situation.

The accident involved a white Toyota Revo pickup truck with a closed box, registered in Bangkok, and a white Isuzu MU-X SUV, also registered in Bangkok. The vehicles were severely damaged, with the front of the Toyota crushed against the SUV.

There were five people injured in the collision: two unidentified women in the backseat of the SUV, 32 year old Sathian, who was in the passenger seat of the SUV, and the SUV driver, whose identity remains unknown.

The driver was found in critical condition without a pulse, and despite immediate CPR efforts by rescuers, he succumbed to his injuries at the scene. Net Chomthong, the 44 year old driver of the pickup truck, was also critically injured and trapped in the wreckage. Rescuers used hydraulic equipment to free him, taking 10 minutes to extricate him before rushing him to Panthong Hospital.

Eyewitness testimony came from 26 year old Cake, who recounted the events from his vantage point at home. He heard a loud crash and immediately called emergency services.

Fatal collision

He speculated that the pickup truck was travelling from Hua Phai intersection towards Panthong, while the SUV was heading in the opposite direction. The bend where the accident occurred is known for frequent accidents, especially at night when vehicles often speed through the area. Cake suggested that the SUV might have lost control around the bend, leading to the collision.

Thawatchai Chucherd, a rescue worker from the Sawang Uthayan Thammasathan rescue team, confirmed that the accident resulted in four injuries and one fatality, specifically the SUV driver. The severity of the injuries suggested high-speed impact, a common factor in nighttime accidents on this stretch of road, reported KhaoSod.

Police found several beer cans in the back of the SUV, which they documented as evidence. The body of the SUV driver was transported to Panthong Hospital for a preliminary examination. Police plan to review CCTV footage to determine the exact cause of the accident and gather more evidence

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