Elderly driver’s lane switch on Bangna-Trad Road triggers multi-car crash

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A three-vehicle collision on Bangna-Trad Road in Samut Prakan province injured three people, including two students, when a car driven by a 73 year old woman veered across lanes, causing a chain reaction crash.

The serious traffic incident occurred today, February 22, on Bangna-Trad Road, Samut Prakan province, when a sedan driven by a 73 year old woman cut in front of an 18-wheeler truck, leading to a violent collision. The accident, which was captured on CCTV, unfolded at kilometre 19 in the express lanes towards Bangkok in the Bang Phli district.

The sedan, which was initially travelling in the right lane, made an abrupt manoeuvre to switch to the middle lane near a U-turn spot. This sudden lane change caused the car to clip the front of the 18-wheeler truck travelling at high speed in the adjacent lane. The impact sent the sedan spinning out of control, flipping over, and subsequently crashing into a student transport vehicle, reported KhaoSod.

Responding quickly, police and volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation arrived on the scene to assess damages and provide assistance. The student transport, filled, contained two injured students who had suffered from the force of the collision. The 73 year old driver of the sedan sustained minor injuries. All three were promptly taken to a hospital for treatment.

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The sedan driver, who was on her way from Chon Buri province to Bangkok to work as a tour guide, recounted the harrowing experience, explaining that after shifting lanes, her vehicle was hit by the 18-wheeler, resulting in it flipping over. The 18-wheeler driver did not stop after the incident.

Meanwhile, the driver of the student transport narrated the close call. While carrying nearly 20 young students to school, after making a U-turn, his vehicle was struck by the careening sedan. Fortunately, the school transport did not overturn, which likely prevented more serious injuries among the children.

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