Dangerous road claims another victim as pickup crashes into tree in northern Thailand

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A pickup truck veered off a road in Uthai Thani and crashed into a tree on a local farm yesterday, resulting in severe injuries to the driver. Locals stated that the stretch of road where the accident occurred is particularly treacherous and has been the site of multiple fatalities.

Lan Sak Police Station last night received a report of a pickup truck accident. The vehicle veered off the Nikhom-Ban Rai road in the Thung Na Ngam subdistrict of Lan Sak, Uthai Thani. Upon receipt of the report, officials proceeded to the scene with Duang Duang Chalothorn, President of the Thung Na Ngam Subdistrict Administrative Organization, and Uthai Thani rescue workers.

Upon arrival, they found one injured man trapped inside the vehicle. Emergency services quickly extricated him and rushed him to the hospital. The pickup truck, with the license plate บง 4503 Uthai Thani, was severely damaged after hitting a large tree by the road. It had fallen into a local farm, with severe damage to the sides and rear of the vehicle. The front wheels had both burst, and several parts had fallen off.

Initial investigations revealed that the injured man had been driving alone. He was heading from Nikhom to Lan Sak when the accident occurred. It’s suspected that he lost control of the vehicle on a bend, causing it to cross lanes and crash into a large Sadao tree by the road. The crash sent the vehicle careening into a local farm, reported KhaoSod.

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Moreover, the accident happened on a stretch of road that wasn’t well-lit and had just experienced rainfall. From the accident site, the bend in the road was about 100 metres past the 50-kilometre marker. There were two shrines by the side of the road near the accident site. Upon examining the road, skid marks from the pickup truck were found, indicating that it had veered off the road and crossed lanes before crashing into the large Sadao tree and falling into the local farm.

There were no other parties involved in the accident, and no government property was damaged. A local, who was at home during the incident, stated that they heard the sound of the pickup truck speeding past. Shortly after, they heard the sound of brakes screeching, followed by a loud crash.

Another local stated that this stretch of road is notoriously dangerous. Numerous fatalities have occurred here before, including a recent incident where a news reporter lost their life. Locals are well aware of the dangers of this road, especially at night, and they often honk their horns when driving past the two shrines and in memory of those who have lost their lives here.

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