Teen’s high-speed trade: Wheels and pills confiscated as young drug dealer arrested

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Police arrested a 16 year old drug dealer in the central province of Ratchaburi on Tuesday, seizing a pickup, four motorcycles, and a cache of drugs, including heroin, ecstasy, ketamine, amphetamine, and crystal meth.

Baan Pong Police Station organised a press conference to report the successful arrest of the teenage drug dealer, Jor, at his house in the Nong Pla Mor district of Ratchaburi province. According to the police, Jor attempted to escape but his efforts were in vain.

Officers found drugs in his bag and discovered more after investigating his house where they confiscated 447 grammes of heroin, 43 tablets of ecstasy, 61 grammes of ketamine, 361 tablets of amphetamine, and 51 grammes of crystal meth.

Aside from the drugs, officers also seized more of his assets which they believe were part of his unlawful endeavors. The seized assets included a white Isuzu pickup, a white Honda PCX motorcycle, a red-black Honda Wave 110i, a black Honda MSX125, and a white Yamaha QBIX. Jor also possessed several rounds of ammunition without permission, but no guns were found in his residence.

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Jor is the main drug dealer in the area. He transformed his residence into a narcotics hub, using it as a base to distribute drugs to the youth in the community. However, the teenager is not the only drug dealer in the community.

Officers conducted a further investigation and managed to arrest another dealer, 31 year old Surasak Phewnuan. Sixteen grammes of heroin were seized at Surasak’s house.

This incident echoes a similar tale from last year when law enforcement successfully apprehended another young drug dealer who sold drugs online via a chat application called Telegram. After receiving orders, the 16 year old boy would deliver the drugs to his clients via a parcel delivery service.

A related teenage drug-dealing news, another 16 year old was arrested two years ago for offering methamphetamine. An officer managed to seize over 2,000 meth tablets from the girl’s possession. The girl denied the sale and possession of the drugs and shifted the blame onto her boyfriend and his friend.

The youngest drug dealer caught in Thailand came to light last year. Police managed to arrest a 14 year old boy for selling and using methamphetamine. He was high on the drug when arrested.

Earlier this year, a Thai teacher and police officers managed to rescue a six year old boy from a drug ring after his mother ordered the boy to deliver drugs to a client. The young boy’s fate might have been sealed, leading him down a harrowing path of drug dealing. Thankfully, he was rescued in time.

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