Bus flipped in Tak injuring 44 Burmese workers, killing 3

PHOTO: A bus full of Burmese workers overturned in Tak. (via TPN National)

A bus full of Burmese workers overturned in the Tak provinces, killing three and injuring 44 more. The bus was transporting Burmese migrant workers from the northern province across the country to work in the southern province of Songkhla.

The accident took place yesterday evening in the Mueang district of Tak. Mae Toh Police were notified about the bus that overturned at around 9.15pm. Emergency responders raced to the accident along the Tak – Mae Sot Road. The accident took place in an area where many crashes have occurred in the past. The road is fairly steep in that area and takes a dangerous curve right where the bus seemed to lose control.

There they found the bus, flipped over, sitting just off the main road. It took some effort to rescue all the people with many trapped inside the mangled bus. Hydraulic cutters had to be brought in to cut free many of the Burmese workers according to TPN National News.

The investigation into the exact cause of the bus crash that killed three workers is still underway. Police have a working theory, though. They suspect the driver was not familiar with the road and as a result was overusing the brakes on the bus. This could have led to a brake failure at the curve, causing the bus to careen off the road at a fairly high speed.

The bus was carrying a total of 47 passengers and none of them came out unscathed. Most of the workers, 44 in total sustained some degree of injury in the crash. But three people aboard the ill-fated bus were pronounced dead on the scene. Rescue workers transported the injured Burmese workers to nearby hospitals for emergency treatment.

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