Tuhao’s Chinese gang buys 50 homes in Bangkok luxury village with cash

Tuhao the alleged Chinese drug tycoon and his gang of “businessmen” bought 50 houses in a luxury village in Bangkok – with cash, police say. The gangs’ constant partying drove all 16 remaining Thai households out of the village.

Bangkok South Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant to search an entire village in Bangkok’s Soi Laselle area after finding evidence that Tuhao’s gangsters were selling drugs there.

There are 66 luxury properties in the village valued between 35-60 million baht each. Since 2020, over 50 houses were bought by Chinese buyers through Thai agents, with cash.

The remaining 16 houses were owned by Thais who gradually sold their properties and left the village. The Thai residents couldn’t stand the noisy, constant parties.

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One resident complained of a van that whipped around the village all night carrying “pretty girls” to service the gangsters.

More and more details about Tuhao’s notorious criminal network are emerging since Chaiyanat “Tuhao” Kornchayanat – a Chinese man with a Thai ID – surrendered to the police last week.

He turned himself in after the court put out a warrant for his arrest under suspicion of, “conspiring to commit drug offences and possessing and selling psychotropic substances.”

Tuhao’s Thai wife, who is a police officer for the foreign affairs division, swears she knows nothing about her husband’s alleged drug trafficking.

The police said they will photograph the village tomorrow and publicise the images.

Earlier today, police seized 400 million baht in assets from Tuhao and his gang including three luxury homes, a penthouse and 10 luxury cars.

Tuhao came into the spotlight when he was found to be connected to the illegal Jinling pub raided by police in Bangkok last month. Turns out Jinling was just the tip of the iceberg.

The recent uptick in arrests of Chinese criminals in Thailand could have something to do with Chuwit’s calling on the Ministry of Justice to investigate Chinese gangs laundering money through “grey businesses” in the kingdom.

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