Letter calling for Thai PM’s resignation signed by over 1,000 academics

A petition calling for the resignation of Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha, has been signed by up to 1,118 academics and delivered to Government House. The petition was created by the Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights. Nation Thailand reports that a group of university lecturers and students have marched to Government House to deliver the letter. They include Anusorn Unno, anthropology lecturer at Thammasat University, and Thamrongsak Petchlertanan, a lecturer in Political Science at Rangsit University.

In the letter, academics slam the government’s clampdown on an October 16 rally in Bangkok, when police used water cannons, allegedly laced with blue-dyed chemical irritants, to disperse protesters at the Pathumwan intersection.

Anusorn claims the action injured several people and only served to ignite further anger at the government. He is calling on the administration to refrain from violence when dealing with protesters, to stop the gagging of government critics, put an end to laws that infringe on freedom of speech, and to cede to the protesters’ demands.

Those demands are outlined in a 10-point manifesto and include the PM’s resignation, the dissolution of parliament, and a call for fresh elections. The manifesto appeared at a protest in early August and has since provided a consistent ‘script’ for the protest movement. Protesters are also calling for a re-write of the 2017 Thai Charter (Constitution) and for reforms to the role of the Thai Monarchy.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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  • The Thai PM is not going to resign based on over 1000 academics signatures. And water cannon laced with chemical irritant is standard procedure used on protesters. The previous PM of Malaysia, Najib Razak, before the 2018 General Election, water cannon laced with chemical irritant was used on peaceful protesters. This is the standard. They're not going to resign cuz they think they're doing the right thing. It's in their mentality, these figures in power. Power corrupts, really! Sad to say, I feel with the Thai people and should encourage them to maintain their course! Chok-dee krub!

  • 1,000 academics vs 360,000 soldiers with guns controlled by Gen. Prayuth. The sword is mightier than the pen.

  • Adding to the growing dissatisfaction of Gen's administration.
    However he will not go until his barber refuses to cut his hair.
    He claims he acts in Thailand's best interest, well him leaving office would be acting in Thailand's best interest.

  • I am happy to hear that more people are speaking out on the resignation of PM Prayut.

    Mr. Prayut, can I say that? Or am I now violating the emergency decree?

    • Can say whatever you want about Prayut now Fabian. If you look at The Thaiger page, they just reported that courts reversing decision to shut down any media outlets as it is un-constitutional. Just cant say anything about the monarchy, but we all knew that already
      Fire away!! cause I will be for sure!!!

  • Most, if not Like all who obtain power are similar to spoilt children whom never grow up or evolve. Pampered (and especially by their Mummy's) and patted on their heads when they do something from childhood and love the praise.
    But, when they do something which others dislike, or see them as a threat to their power, they behave like a child. Similar to a child who suddenly(or otherwise) sees someone threatening to take away their toys (power) they then scream and misbehave or as seen in older children, like a schoolyard bully. A bully is a bully is a bully.
    It's as simple as that. Mummy says 'How dare someone not like my little precious'...

  • It seems that what is really playing out in Thailand is a giant inter-generational conflict over money and access to it. Many issues, seem more like proxies for the lack of social mobility.

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