Bail applications denied for detained protestors

Protestor dies outside Court

Bail applications by ten detainees have been denied because most of them were charged with serious offences during protests last year, ranging from possession of explosives and arson to inciting unrest.

Protesters gathered in front of the Criminal Court on Sunday morning, where a man who had been there for several days collapsed and died. According to Thai PBS World, Phairote Chotesriphanporn fainted and hit his head on the pavement in front of the Court, or, in other reports, was sitting at a bus stop in front of the court when he passed out.

The protest, led by Chatupat Boonpattararaksa, moved on to Bangkok Art and Culture Gallery at about 9am, before moving to the court to join another group, led by lawyer Kittisak Kongthong, the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights attorney who lodged the bail applications denied by the Court,

The group said that they will not post bail for Tantawan Tuatulanon, Orawan Phuphong and two others who have said that they do not want to be bailed.

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Tantawan and Orawan are being treated at Thammasat University Hospital, after falling ill during their hunger strike at the Central Women’s Correctional Institute. Thai Lawyers For Human Rights (TLHR), whose representatives have been visiting the patients daily, said one of its members went to the hospital on Saturday but Corrections Department officials refused to admit them as it was a public holiday.

Two Thai activists were released on bail in August this year after a 64-day hunger strike.

One detainee, Pornpote, has already had bail applications denied several times as a flight risk. Charges against him include possession and use of explosives.

In another case, Sitthichoke, who was sentenced to seven and a half years by the Criminal Court, Kittisak offered to post 150,000 baht to bail him out but was rejected. The court referred the case to the Appeals Court.

The case continues.

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