Thai PM sings away his political blues

With some of the former members of the ruling Palang Pracharat coalition turning against him (and forming their own new political party), and the expulsion of 21 renegade MPs, it’s been a septimana horrabilus (bad week) for the Thai PM.

But, when things are bad it’s time to whistle a happy tune, or at least break out into song whilst chairing a CCSA meeting. The Centre for Economic Situation Administration is the committee set up to administer all aspects of Thailand’s response to the Covid pandemic in the Kingdom.

PM Prayut’s singing away his political blues was caught on the Tik Tok channel of government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, as the PM warbled a short rendition of “Ya Yom Phae”, meaning “don’t give up”…


Even though a short version, the PM’s spontaneous audition for The Voice attracted thousands of views with his new approach to chairing Covid policy meetings.

Following his singing he continued to wax lyrical, with feeling.

“I will not lose to anyone. Everyone must not surrender. It’s for our nation and for the people we dearly love. I would like to thank the ministers and the deputy prime ministers because we’re now undertaking important tasks for our country.”

It’s been a dramatic couple of weeks with the fortunes of the PM looking a lot less clear after some major tensions in the Palang Pracharat. Following some dramatic walk outs and then the expulsion of 21 ‘renegades’, the Palang Pracharat-led coalition hangs onto a wafer-thin margin in th lower house.

It’s not the first time the Thai PM has resorted to song to help us all through Thailand’s greyer moments. Prayut wrote the song “Bringing Happiness Back To The People” after leading an Army coup to oust the elected government of Yingluck Shinawatra in 2014. He’s also broken out into song during media conferences, sharing his gift for music.

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