Move Forward Party probes MP over Bangkok sexual harassment claims

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A sexual harassment allegation against a Move Forward Party (MFP) MP is set to undergo investigation, according to Parit Wacharasindhu, a party list MP and spokesperson.

The case involves three women accusing an MP from a district within the Thon Buri region of Bangkok and follows closely on the heels of a similar incident reported on October 12 involving a different MP from Prachin Buri.

Following the surfacing of these accusations on social media, Wacharasindhu took to his Twitter account to address the issue. He affirmed that the party’s disciplinary committee had already reached out to the complainants for additional information.

Two inquiries have been wrapped up, while the third individual will be approached tomorrow for further details, revealed Parit.

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“Sexual harassment is an offence that the party deems unacceptable. The MP under investigation will be held to account in the same manner as any other member found guilty of similar misconduct, irrespective of potential future political implications.”

Parit was responding to the growing rumour mill, largely fanned by the Facebook page “Wan Nee MFP Ko Hok Arai” (What lies is MFP telling today?), which is notorious for airing dirty laundry about the MFP.

Lured to nightclub

The Facebook page’s owner alleged that the MP in question privately interacted with the victims before luring them to a nightclub. There, he reportedly supplied them with drinks, proceeded to harass them sexually while they were incapacitated, and repeatedly pestered them for sexual favours, which they all refused, reported Bangkok Post.

The accused MP is said to be among the representatives for districts on the Thonburi side of Bangkok, a list that includes six MPs such as Sirin Sanguansin and Chaiyamphawan Manpianjit. Sirin, who represents the Thawi Watthana constituency, was previously embroiled in a scandal for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in a car in Sri Racha district in June.

In the wake of Parit’s disclosure, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, secretary-general of the Progressive Movement, expressed gratitude towards Parit and the party’s female MPs, who are shouldering the burden of upholding the party’s image amidst these controversies.

Piyabutr also urged the accused MP to apologise to the victims, the public, and the party, emphasising that such a gesture could help alleviate the endless clarifications that MFP members are currently forced to give to soothe the situation.

“Step up and take responsibility. Do not hide. Acknowledge your wrongdoing, apologise, and then face the consequences.”

Piyabutr stated. He believes that such a move could help establish a new societal standard.

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