Former Thai PM denies his daughter will run for the top job

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On Clubhouse this week, a favourite platform for former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand’s former elected leader denied rumours that his youngest daughter, Paetongtarn, will run in the next Thailand election as the nominated PM candidate for the Pheu Thai Party. Instead, he wants to see her in the party working on the marketing and strategic side of things.

On April 24, she will submit “her homework,” which was given to her by the party 6 months ago. It’s unconfirmed what she’s currently working on. When questioned if he wants to see her daughter run for the top office, he said…

“I am not dreaming too far yet. There is no room for imagination yet. I just want her to help with academic work and bring people together to brainstorm ideas.”

Thaksin has long been suspected of pulling Pheu Thai’s strings on multiple occasions, which he continually denies.

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In response to his daughter’s potential run for the prime ministerial candidate for Pheu Thai in the next campaign, Thaksin referred to Prawit Wongsuwon who’s the current Deputy PM and leader of the Palang Pracharath Party.

“It is not appropriate for the 35 year old to step in if the 75 year old remains in power. But if the 35 year old manages to get in, the other should not stay anymore. If you believe that a generational change should not take place yet, then let the 75 year old stay on.”

After being put in charge of a project aimed at building harmony within the Pheu Thai Party, she’s been at the centre of attention ever since, especially being the daughter of Thaksin and niece of Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand’s last PM before the Prayut regime came to office in an army coup in 2014.

Paetongtarn was named Pheu Thai’s main counsellor “on participation and innovation” during the organisation’s meeting in Khon Kaen back in October 2021.

A general election is predicted to be called sometime between November this year and April 2023.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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