Pattaya bar owner allegedly punches Russian tourist in face over 60 baht bill

A Pattaya bar owner allegedly punched a Russian tourist in the face over his refusal to pay his 60 baht bill. Jane, the 53 year old owner of the Bonzi Bar in South Pattaya, apparently didn’t back down from admitting she was the one who punched the tourist.

The Russian was identified only as “Michel,” and was reportedly on the ground and unconscious when police arrived at the scene.

Jane told Pattaya Mail that Michel ordered a beer and tried unsuccessfully to hit on all of the ladies at the bar and then tried to leave without paying. She says they got into an argument and she hit and beat him until he was knocked out.

Police subsequently warned Jane that beating up “deadbeat” Russians is bad for Pattaya’s image.

Meanwhile, another Russian was beaten up in Phuket, but this time it was a domestic violence incident. The 32 year old victim reported the beating to Chalong Police on January 13, after she left the hospital following the attack.

A medical report confirmed she had suffered multiple contusions from her ex-boyfriend punching her in the face and head. Following the incident, she says her ex-boyfriend came after her again and threatened her. She says she appealed to the police for protection.

In an online post, the victim said her ex beat her up because of their breakup. She said he threatened her to retract her police report “or there will be consequences.”

Bolshakova told the Phuket-based Russian language news outlet Novosti Phuketa that her ex came when she was waiting for a friend, and the door was not locked. She said…

“January 15 afternoon I was waiting for a friend at home. The door was not locked. He came in, began to threaten me again, forced me to write a receipt for the money he spent on me, then crumpled it up and wanted me to eat it.”

Bolshakova said she then wrote another receipt “under pain of reprisals.” She said her ex took the receipt, and her Russian passport away. He said that if she didn’t stop, there would be “consequences.” Bolshakova’s friend came half an hour after her ex showed up, and he then left with her passport.

Bolshakova said she was reaching out to officials through the media because she feared for her life, as she continued to receive threats.

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