Thai hotels to offer 1,000 baht discounts for expats

To stimulate domestic tourism and help revive the economy after the pandemic, hotels plan to offer expats a 1,000 baht discount on rooms until the end of the year. A debt moratorium, put in place to help businesses hurt by the pandemic, is ending this month and hotels need a boost.

The Thai Hotels Association, or THA, says they will offer the discount on 5,000 room nights. Expats will need to show their passport. The discount is valid until December 31. THA president Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi says the new campaign supports the hotel industry during the tough economic situation. With a ban on international tourists over the past 7 months, many hotel rooms have been empty.

Even though Thailand is reopening borders to foreign visitors on the new Special Tourist Visa, the amount of international tourists expected to come in over the next month or so is a tiny fraction of the number of tourists arriving this time last year.

To reach out to foreigners who are already in the country, Thai hotels partnered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand for the Expat Travel Bonus program, offering travel, accommodation and other deals at events in Bangkok.

With the debt moratorium ending this month, Marisa says most hotels have restructured their debt with creditors. She says banks are trying to avoid nonperforming loans, which are loans more than 90 days overdue.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, occupancy rates have fallen drastically and many hotels temporarily closed. Marisa says it’s still necessary to continue with the stimulus campaign. She adds that the association is urging hotels not to raise the room rates or quote unfair prices to expats.

Thaiger Tip: Check whatever room rate you’re being offered under this new program with one of the online travel websites –,,, etc. Many of the hotels are already offering big discounts through the online booking portals.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Caitlin Ashworth

Caitlin Ashworth is a writer from the United States who has lived in Thailand since 2018. She graduated from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies in 2016. She was a reporter for the Daily Hampshire Gazette In Massachusetts. She also interned at the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia and Sarasota Herald-Tribune in Florida.

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  • Are they offering discounts on B5000 rooms?
    The devil is in the details.
    Have they created special rooms costing a high price in order to give a discount?
    I think they reveal their manipulations when they do not offer these discounts to Thiais.
    Thais would not pay these prices even with a discount right?

    • Just went on a holiday to krabi, and let my thaiwife pay everthing with a goverment app, that gave about a 40% discount on just about everything

      • As a ‘last resort’ the farang might be included. Thank you Hotel Association, we’ll wait until Malaysia and Indonesia reopen where we are welcomed and no such xenophobia exists.

    • Plenty of countries offer discounts to foreigners they don't offer to locals - Australia on rail travel, for example.

  • to get your discount, you'll need an expat card that require 10 different forms to fill, an a fee of 5000 bath

    • While any discount is welcome im afraid that there simply are not enough visitors to make any meaningful difference in an industry that was hammered by the government.

  • I don't think this article was ready for publication. There are no detials. For example, what classifies as a "hotel"? Thailand now has a special one for businesses that have gone through the time and great expense to become a registrered "hotel". Also, how does one access these hotels?
    Really Thaiger, you can't just glean some headline off of the Internet and call it journalism.

    • Garbage.
      How would booking agencies distinguish expat and "foreigner on extended tourist visa".
      The discount does not exist.
      And the 40pc for thais is for rooms more than 3000 per night.

  • The article says: "THA says they will offer the discount on 5,000 room nights". Huh ? What is a "5000 room night" ? It's not proper English!

    • It's 5,000 rooms for 1 night, or 1 room for 5,000 nights or anything in between. Really not that difficult to figure out. I wonder if "Huh" is proper English. What would a Canadian know about proper English

      • "It’s 5,000 rooms for 1 night, or 1 room for 5,000 nights or anything in between." Huh ? You answer doesn't make any sense.
        Dictionary definition of Huh:
        used to express scorn, anger, disbelief, surprise, or amusement.

  • What is the definition of an expat in Thailand because as far as I can see there are hardly any expats in Thaiand?

    I know there are a few hundred thousand farangs on annual-visa which they have to renew every year but I think not many farangs have permanent residency in Thailand and so are not expats, they are temporary long-term visitors like the rest of us.

    On the way back to London from Bangkok after my 7 month holiday in Thailand in August, I stayed in a four-star hotel in Bangkok.

    It was heavily discounted due to being almost empty and I only paid 900 baht per night so in this environment are there any real 5000 baht a night hotels still selling at that price?

    I think most farangs staying long term in Thailand can not afford 5000 baht per night hotels anyway, that is why they chose Thailand to live in because it is cheap.

    • With the ones that have left there are still around 130,000 registered expat workers in Thailand right now. The largest number are Japanese, followed by Chinese, then Filipino.

      • The figure is fundamentally correct. Many professional/highly skilled foreigners work here on long term assignment doing their foreign companies businesses on which hundreds of thousands of Thai people depend upon for employment.

        After recent changes I would suspect you’d be hard pressed to find one foreigner who is condo shopping, planning a major auto purchase or investing in Thai bonds or equities.

        Literally the entire population has an eye on the exit and a suitcase ready at a moments notice. BTW, most people I know do not holiday in Thailand because of the “farang premium” , we prefer to spend our money in Malaysia or Indonesia where race based double pricing is unheard of.

        I think people like those Ive described would appreciate it if government would announce a ‘Resident Card’ for professionals . The country would literally shut down if foreign businesses were to redeploy essential professionals, doing work that no Thai can do, elsewhere. That would be a disaster equal to the tourist market collapse.

        • "BTW, most people I know do not holiday in Thailand because of the “farang premium” , we prefer to spend our money in Malaysia or Indonesia where race based double pricing is unheard of."


          Lucky for Thailand that there were still 40 million tourists last year that you didn't know ...

        • Malaysia and Indonesia just discriminate on religion - I lived in KL for 3 years and it was rife - in addition to which alcohol is much more expensive in Malaysia - you sound like a Thai Hater, bad GF experience perhaps

  • I lived in Malaysia for a couple of decades on and off and some hotels and serviced apartments do/did practice pricing based on race.
    I have seen them openly on the internet offer local, European and middle Eastern rates that are different for the same room however I will admit that I have not seen this recently.
    Some chains of budget motels also offer discount for bumiputras only.

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