90 day Thai Immigration reporting deadline passes

Today was the last day to update your 90 day report if you weren’t doing the reports during the visa amnesty

Thai immigration set the end of today as the deadline for foreigners, with current visas, to do their 90 day report. Otherwise fines will be imposed. You had to report, or update, your residential address before the end of today (offices closed at 5pm). This applies to people that have current, legal visas to live and working Thailand and are not a part of the government’s visa amnesty.

The Immigration department announced that foreigners on current visas must complete their 90 day report between August 1 – 31, when they extended the visa amnesty at the end of July.

Documents Required

1. Passport with departure card

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2. TM.47 Form

3. There is no fee for 90 days reporting

If you missed today’s deadline you would be WELL advised to visit Immigration, pay the fine and move on. You could fined between 2,000 – 4,000 baht if you were late in submitting your 90 day report.

The visa amnesty finishes in less than a month. What happens to people without a current visa after September 26?

Really, you have 3 options. Leave the country before the amnesty finishes. Or find a way to extend your visa. If you are unable to leave the country, because of flight issues returning to your country, or some other medical or urgent reason, you should contact your Embassy or Consulate ASAP. They may be able to provide you with a letter recommending an extension of your stay.

The sooner you start with either process, the easier it will be. The government made it clear, when they extended the amnesty at the end of July, that there will be no further extensions. There are international flights leaving Thailand every day. The flights are expensive and are on limited carriers. But if you HAVE to leave, you can.

The third option is to visit a temple, buy a lottery ticket and hope like hell that the government will extend the amnesty again. At this stage that appears unlikely.

HERE‘s a link to the Thai Immigration Website.

90 day Thai Immigration reporting deadline passes | News by Thaiger

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