Press covering APEC treated to free Thai massage

PHOTO: Free massage is on offer for press covering APEC. (via NNT)

The Thai government has been tripping over itself to put its best foot forward as they host the APEC summit in Bangkok this week. From cracking down on troublesome illegal immigrants, to cleaning up roads and repainting streets, and even poorly-spelt welcome signs, officials are pulling out all the stops. Now, members of the press covering APEC will be treated with Thailand’s prized gem of hospitality: free Thai massage.

Thai massage is famous around the world and a staple for spa-goers and fans of wellness. It is a top attraction for travellers to the kingdom, alongside beautiful beaches and delicious food. So, the Ministry of Labour’s Department of Skill Development will showcase the national treasure by offering massage and spa services to members of the press in attendance at APEC.

Some of Thailand’s top masseuses have been recruited at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting to show off their expertise in the Thai massage tradition. They will offer neck and shoulder massages as well as more intensive hot stone massage and line tapping massage to members of the press at the event.

The massage artists have been carefully selected from The Institute of Human Resource Development for Wellness Industry, as well as from the labour skill development offices in Nonthaburi and Nakhon Nayok. The Department of Skill Development has hand-picked these massage therapists after carefully evaluating them. They were judged by their skill in massage as well as their professionalism. They also only selected masseuses who could communicate well in English.

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The initiative is hoped to provide a peaceful and healthy sanctuary at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre where the APEC events are being held. They will offer herbal drinks to improve health as well as other herbal products that are used in massage and wellness in Thailand.

The expert massages will be provided free of charge for members of the press covering APEC, according to the National News Bureau of Thailand.

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