Russian tourists lend a hand by cleaning Koh Samui beach

Russians clean Koh Samui beach, photo by The Phuket Express.

A group of Russian tourists demonstrated their environmental responsibility this week by lending a hand to clean up a beach on Koh Samui. On the morning of January 31, a group of Russian tourists helped to collect garbage from Baan Mae Nam Beach before enjoying their day swimming, sunbathing, and exercising. The Phuket Express reported the cleanup yesterday.

The tourists found a variety of waste items including plastic bottles, glass bottles, and seaweed. One of the tourists, Mike Michael, spoke to Thai media and expressed his love for Samui Island, which he and his family have been visiting for nine years.

He stated, “Samui local people are very nice and the island is very beautiful,” and added that, “We don’t want to see a dirty beach. It is dangerous for other beachgoers too if they step on glass bottles.”

Pumin Nakpetpoon, a bungalow operator at the beach, took the garbage that the tourists collected to a nearby bin near the road. The actions of these responsible tourists serve as an inspiration for others to be mindful of the environment and to help preserve the beauty of Samui Island for future generations to enjoy.

Garbage is a problem on several of Thailand’s beaches. The country struggles to maintain its environment while also remaining a tourist hub.

Last year, it was reported that Phuket’s Nai Harn Beach was continuing to struggle with its refuse problem. At Nai Harn beach, plastic trays are often left near the water, and sometimes, people even leave their rubbish right next to a garbage bin (instead of in it). One unnamed local said that even though street cleaners go to the beach every day, they only sweep leaves, and don’t pick up rubbish. He said watching the cleaners sweep the leaves, while completely ignoring the litter, broke his heart.

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