Wanted murder suspect captured after fatal shoot-out in Ang Thong

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A long-standing warrant offender was apprehended today after a shoot-out which led to a fatality in Ang Thong province, central Thailand. The suspect, a 36 year old man, murdered a 45 year old man. The suspect eventually wound up in hospital after injuring himself during the incident.

Officers from Pho Thong Police Station, Wiset Chai Chan Police Station, and Mueang Ang Thong Police Station arrested Jirat, at a hospital in Ang Thong province following the shooting incident at a night club in central Ang Thong. Phumiphat, also known as Ake Wat Chan Nirimit, sustained critical injuries and later died in hospital.

Jirat, who was also shot during the altercation, received treatment at another hospital where he was arrested. The police were informed of his whereabouts and subsequently apprehended him. An initial investigation revealed that Jirat was already facing an outstanding arrest warrant for conspiracy to murder.

He was found with a firearm and ammunition after an incident at a grilled fish stall in Salachao Rong Thong subdistrict, Wiset Chai Chan district, this year. He had fled before incriminating himself by shooting Phumiphat at a nightspot the previous evening, reported KhaoSod.

Local police in Mueang Ang Thong are currently seeking court approval to issue an additional warrant for Jirat. Meanwhile, the police are coordinating with doctors for a safe transfer of Jirat’s treatment location to ensure the security of all parties. They are concurrently conducting further investigations to identify accomplices in the crime.

Last year, a Russian man who fled to Thailand to escape murder charges was tracked down and arrested in Pattaya. Immigration Police worked together with the Russian Embassy in Thailand to coordinate in locating the man and taking him into custody. Now the process has begun to extradite him to Russia to face charges. To read more about the story click HERE

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