UPDATE: Actress’ rape complaint could expose political corruption in Thailand

UPDATE: The suspect denies rape allegations saying he is being blackmailed

The suspect accused of drugging and raping a Thai actress today denied all allegations, insisting he is being blackmailed by the actress, singer-songwriter.

The alleged rapist, Aphidit “Em” Intilasksana, today visited Chok Chai Police Station to acknowledge the allegations by the 21 year old woman. The accused spoke to the media after his police interview claiming, “Everything is blackmail,” adding he has evidence to prove his innocence.

Aphidit admitted he is the grandson of a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Upadit Pachariyangkun. He said he regrets his grandfather’s name has been dragged into the affair and says that it has nothing to do with him. He added his grandfather served the ministry 40 to 50 years ago and died 10 years ago.

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Aphidit acknowledged he did meet the actress but it was nothing to do with work. The actress wanted to see him and asked for help because she was having a fight with her sister and didn’t want to stay at home.

Aphidit said the actress asked him to suggest a hotel. So, he picked her up from a shopping mall near Siam BTS Station and took her to the pool villa in Soi Nak Niwat 2.

Aphidit admitted that he bought two bottles of the Korean alcoholic beverage Soju and they drank them together but insists he did not drug the woman. He said that the details given by the actress of what happened in the room were a lie.

Aphidit reportedly confirmed his uncle contacted the actress and offered her money and work before talking to him about all the details.

Aphidit emphasised that he is a gentleman and didn’t do anything the victim claimed. He said he would reveal his evidence in court.

He also urged the media to stand up for him, saying he is just an ordinary man who got bullied.

It is revealed that Aphidit is the chairman and CEO of Aphi Enterprise.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Channel 3a

UPDATE: Two police officers transferred after verbally abusing the victim

Two police officers from Chok Chai Police Station in Bangkok have been transferred to the Metropolitan Police Bureau 4 after verbally abusing a rape victim who complained about being drugged and sexually assaulted. The suspect in the case is expected to be questioned today.

Last Friday, the rape victim, a Thai actress, and singer-songwriter, joined a Channel 3 talk show, called Hon Kra Sae to share her stories and revealed how police officers from Chok Chai Police Station investigated her case.

Aside from being verbally abused by the police when filing a complaint, the actress revealed in the show that she provided plenty of evidence to the police, like a health check result, a voice message, and screenshots of a chatbox between her and the suspect.

However, the police disregarded the evidence she provided and insisted that it wasn’t enough.

The media reported yesterday that the Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau 4, Pornchai Khajohnklin, set up a committee to investigate the working processes of Chok Chai police officers.

Moreover, the commander moved two police officers who were involved in the case to work at the Metropolitan Police Bureau 4 Office until the investigation on their work is completed.

The officers transferred were Superintendent Pongsakorn Noree, and Deputy Superintendent Apirak Boonnak.

For the development of the case, the summons was issued, and the suspect is expected to acknowledge the case today. If not, an officer from Chok Chai Police Station would issue an arrest warrant.

The identity of the suspect has not yet been confirmed. The suspect’s uncle, who made a call to offer money and work to the victim, informed the media that he would submit evidence from his side to the police within this week.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Thairath | PPTV

ORIGINAL STORY: Actress’ rape complaint could expose political corruption in Thailand

A Thai actress sought the help of a celebrity lawyer after police repeatedly ignored her claims she had been drugged and raped by the nephew of a prominent politician.

The actress, singer, and songwriter made public the alleged rapist contacted her via Instagram to talk about work. They agreed to meet at a shopping mall on August 9 but at the last moment, the alleged offender switched the venue to a pool villa in Soi Nak Niwat 2 in the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok.

The artist said she drank two bottles of strong Korean alcohol called Soju at the pool villa with the man and passed out. She woke up, couldn’t remember a thing, and rushed home at about 2am.

The 21 year old discovered some vaginal discharge while taking a shower when she got home. The actress booked a health check at a hospital and the doctor confirmed the discharge was semen and that there was a hypnotic substance in her blood, possibly Rohypnol.

She contacted the man to ask about the incident and he allegedly confessed to drugging and raping her that night. He also threatened her not to file a complaint with the police.

The alleged victim ignored all of the threats and filed a complaint at Chok Chai Police Station on August 11 but was surprised by the attitude of the officers. She said they were rude and treated her badly and reportedly told her not to consult a lawyer.

Likewise, she ignored the police’s advice not to seek help and contacted celebrity lawyer Sittha Beerbangkird and he helped her file a fresh claim on Wednesday.

The alleged victim informed the media that the offender is a nephew of a former politician and knew many police officers. He worked in the entertainment industry and also had an import-export alcohol business.

The actress revealed the offender’s politician uncle contacted her offering money and guaranteed work in the entertainment industry if she dropped the charges. The uncle said his nephew was about to join a political party to help improve the country and this scandal would ruin his reputation.

The celebrity lawyer Sittha announced he would help his client get justice and prosecute the offender to stop him from assaulting other victims in the future.

“The acts of the police and that uncle clearly show that something suspicious and unfair has happened.”

The Superintendent of Chok Chai Police Station, Pornthawee Somwong, insisted that his officers would work transparently according to the investigative processes.

Poenthawee promised that the police would provide justice to both parties.

Yesterday, the media reported that Chok Chai Police Station had issued a summons to invite the offender to acknowledge the charges at the beginning of next week.

According to Thai law, Section 276: whoever has sexual intercourse with a woman, who is not his wife, against her will, by threatening, doing any violent act, taking advantage of the woman being in a condition of inability to resist, or causing the woman to mistake him for the other person, shall be punished with imprisonment of four to 20 years and a fine of 8,000 to 40,000 baht.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Channel 3

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