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A Thai actress sought the help of a celebrity lawyer after police repeatedly ignored her claims she had been drugged and raped by the nephew of a prominent politician.

The actress, singer, and songwriter made public the alleged rapist contacted her via Instagram to talk about work. They agreed to meet at a shopping mall on August 9 but at the last moment, the alleged offender switched the venue to a pool villa in the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok.

The artist said she drank two bottles of strong Korean alcohol called Soju at the pool villa with the man and passed out. She woke up, couldn’t remember a thing, and rushed home at about 2 am.

The 21-year-old discovered some vaginal discharge while taking a shower when she got home. The actress booked a health check at a hospital and the doctor confirmed the discharge was semen and that there was a hypnotic substance in her blood.

She contacted the man to ask about the incident and he allegedly confessed to drugging and raping her that night. He also threatened her not to file a complaint with the police.

The alleged victim ignored all of the threats and filed a complaint at Chok Chai Police Station on August 11 but was surprised by the attitude of the officers. She said they were rude and treated her badly and reportedly told her not to consult a lawyer.

Likewise, she ignored the police’s advice not to seek help and contacted a celebrity lawyer Sittra Biaengkerd and he helped her file a fresh claim on Wednesday.

The alleged victim informed the media that the offender is a nephew of a former politician and knew many police officers.

The actress revealed the offender’s politician uncle contacted her offering money and guaranteed work in the entertainment industry if she dropped the charges. The uncle said his nephew was about to join a political party to help improve the country and this scandal would ruin his reputation.

The celebrity lawyer Sittha announced he would help his client get justice and prosecute the offender to stop him from assaulting other victims in the future.

The Superintendent of Chok Chai Police Station insisted that his officers would work transparently according to the investigative processes.

As a result, Two police officers from Chok Chai Police Station in Bangkok have been transferred after verbally abusing the actress when she came to file a report. The suspect in the case is expected to be questioned today.



A popular route for ex-pats is back in operation now that Firefly Airlines has recommenced its flight route between Phuket and Penang. The route has been a popular flight for ex-pats looking to do border-run visa stamps

On Friday, the trip resumed for the first time in over two years since being grounded, like so many other flights and routes, by the pandemic. The flight will run four times per week connecting the two popular island destinations.

A busy flight of 134 passengers arrived on Friday in Phuket at 2.20 pm, the inaugural journey brought travelers from Penang aboard a newly renovated Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Firefly Airlines is a hopper subsidiary of Malaysia Aviation Group, which owns the flagship carrier of the country, Malaysia Airlines. Introductory fares offer options for flight change flexibility, 20 kilograms of checked baggage, rewards points, and optional priority services.

The route, along with a Koh Samui to Penang flight, was a very popular and convenient option for a variety of ex-pat visa holders who were often required to go to embassies in Penang to get the proper stamps, often every 90 days. The direct option adds massive convenience over flights to Kuala Lumpur and back up, or the grueling all-day bus ride across the border.

They instead highlighted their aim to arrive in the afternoon so tourists can get straight to the beaches, markets, nightlife, food, and drinks of Phuket, and likewise in Penang, travelers can enjoy the legendary street food as well as beaches and colonial history and buildings.

The TAT officials observed that Penang and Phuket share many similarities – islands connected to the mainland by bridges, famous for beaches and cuisine.



A new law around kratom, a plant native to Southeast Asia, has officially taken effect in Thailand this past Saturday. Kratom leaves are used as a mild stimulant and painkiller.

The new law, called the Kratom Act of 2022, allows people to sell kratom-based products such as foods and drinks, online. In the past, people could sell only plants and leaves. This is meant to open up sales opportunities for farmers and others.

Government spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said…

“The government’s policy is to turn kratom into an economic crop and push for its medical use to create incomes for farmers.”

But the new law comes with some restrictions. It prohibits the import and export of kratom leaves without approval from the Narcotics Control Board.

It’s also illegal to sell Kratom to underage people, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

People also won’t be allowed to sell kratom in schools, dormitories, or public parks.

It will also be illegal for advertisers to encourage people to use kratom leaves or leaves mixed with psychotropic substances, for recreational purposes.



Thirteen-year-old Siamese twins in central Thailand are defying convention, living a healthy, happy life, and dreaming of becoming teachers.

Conjoined twins are a rare phenomenon. Approximately half are stillborn while a third die within 24 hours of a mother giving birth. But the Siamese sisters from Nakhon Sawan province in central Thailand have bucked the poor health trend and are going from strength to strength.

Jaroonphan and Jaroonroj were in 2009 and are connected at the breastbone but don’t have any health problems.

The girls have their arms and hands but one pair of shared legs. The pin can control the right leg while Parn can control the left one.

They can stand, walk, cycle, study, take part in regular daily activities, and cook. They have separate stomachs, and they love sweets.

The twins’ grandmother revealed the pair joined training and therapy to improve their muscle development at a hospital in Bangkok. She revealed they sometimes have to use an assistive device to counterbalance the weight of the top half of their bodies but other than that everything is fine.

The twins are Grade 6 pupils at a primary school in Nakhon Sawan named Santithan. They always get good grades and love going to school and seeing their friends. They added that their dream is to be teachers because they are inspired by the educators in their school.

A video of the twins, posted by a TikTok user went viral on Thai social media. The video showed the twins enjoying ice cream and food together.

Many people commented on the post and praised the twins for their positive attitude.

The most famous and first documented case of conjoined twins in the world came from Thailand: the original Siamese twin brothers who were born in Thailand on May 11, 1811.

They became famous after traveling to the US to appear in shows and made the word “Siamese twins” well-known as a synonym for conjoined twins. Siam was the name of Thailand until 1939, hence Siamese.

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