Thai woman’s 90 million baht lottery win under scrutiny

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A Thai woman claiming to have won 90 million baht in the lottery is now under scrutiny as questions arise about the authenticity of her claim and her ongoing legal troubles. The situation escalated after her son allegedly discovered the winning lottery tickets while attempting to steal money from her purse.

The woman’s lottery win came under public attention when a Facebook user and YouTube channel Baw Beer That Phanom shared images and videos claiming she had won the first prize in the lottery, amounting to 90 million baht (US$ 2.4 million).

The son reportedly found a set of five lottery tickets worth 30 million baht (US$ 813,000) and claimed that 60 million baht (US$1.6 million) had already been cashed in, with plans to cash the remaining tickets on her birthday, June 30 next year. However, neighbours expressed doubts, questioning why she had not used the winnings to redeem her mortgaged house and why the house remained in disrepair.

Police Colonel Thawin Kamkas, the superintendent of That Phanom district, revealed that Premmanee, the woman in question, had been sued for eviction after mortgaging her house to a bank in Sakon Nakhon province. The specific debt amount remains unknown.

The lender’s lawyer sought a search warrant from the Nakhon Phanom court but the request was denied due to insufficient evidence. The arrest warrant remains active because Premmanee missed two court-ordered mediation sessions with her creditor. The police stated they could arrest her if found outside her home.

Neighbours reported ongoing disputes between Premmanee and her second son, suggesting that she might still be at home. They also questioned her claim of possessing assets worth 1.5 billion baht (US$40 million), which locals found implausible.

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Pol. Col. Thawin commented on images of Premmanee holding lottery tickets circulating on social media. If it can be proven that she did not win the lottery, it could be considered fraud. The Government Lottery Office would need to verify the claim, and anyone else who feels wronged by the situation can file a complaint for further legal action. Additionally, YouTubers who broadcast the story could face consequences if the claims are proven false.

A local reporter noted that a pickup truck delivering water to Premmanee’s home found the front gate locked with a “Private Property, No Entry,” sign. The delivery person had been supplying water to the house for three to four years and had to climb over the fence to deliver 10 20-litre water containers, costing 400 to 500 baht (US$11 to 13.5) per delivery. The water meter had been disconnected and the water bill was paid via Line chat, reported KhaoSod.

Village headman 59 year old Prajit Srilasak reported that neighbours saw lights on at Premmanee’s house the previous night and heard loud arguments. The arguments included her second son, who had previously spoken to the media, yelling at his mother to take responsibility for her actions.

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