Thai shopper’s tantrum causes chaos at Charles & Keith (video)

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A foreign news outlet reported an incident involving an alleged Thai woman who, in a moment of flaring tempers, caused chaos at a Charles & Keith store in a Taipei shopping centre, in Taiwan. Dressed in a short pink dress and barefoot, she damaged merchandise and attacked staff, alarming many shoppers.

The event occurred yesterday afternoon inside a well-known shopping centre in Taipei 101. The woman, identified as Thai, Cambodian, and Burmese by some sources, was seen behaving aggressively, sweeping items off the shelves, and confronting employees who tried to stop her. The scene caused significant panic among the shoppers present.

Emergency services were alerted, and when officials arrived at the scene, they found the woman unable to answer questions coherently. Showing signs of agitation and violent behaviour, she was promptly taken to Songde Hospital by an ambulance team.

The initial assessment of the damage to merchandise at the Charles & Keith shop was estimated to be over 5,000 New Taiwan dollars (approximately 5,650 baht). The store’s legal team is currently considering whether to press charges against her. Witnesses described the scene as chaotic, with one shopper recalling,

“I was just browsing when suddenly, this woman started throwing things around. It was terrifying.”

Online users speculated on the nationality of the woman, with some claiming to hear her speak in Thai and Mandarin. Others suspect mental instability as the root of her public outburst, urging officers to transfer her to a mental institute. While some users, due to the voice of the woman, suspect her to be a transgender individual, reported Sanook.

This public violent outburst raises questions about the mental state of the individual involved. The inability to communicate clearly and the aggressive behaviour suggest that she may have been experiencing a crisis. Whether it was a moment of distress, intoxication, or another factor, the incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of human behaviour in public spaces.



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