Thai police seize 8 businesses in Phuket owned by Chinese gangster Tuhao

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Tuhao‘s can of criminal worms continues to open as police revealed they seized eight businesses in Phuket, southern Thailand, owned by the notorious Chinese gangster.

Yesterday, police seized eight businesses each spanning 10 rai of land in Phuket’s Mueang district, including a jewellery company featuring a snake farm, two real estate companies, a latex company, a herbal medicine company, and an Internet installation service.

Phuket provincial police, Phuket tourist police, immigration police, officers from the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONBC), and more than 100 soldiers brought search warrants issued on November 29 and seized eight businesses in Wichit subdistrict.

The businesses were used for money laundering, say police.

Police also revealed yesterday that since 2020, Tuhao and his gang of businessmen bought 50 out of 66 houses in a luxury village in Bangkok – with cash. All remaining Thai families in the village were driven out by the gang’s constant loud partying.

Since Tuhao surrendered to the police to acknowledge the drug trafficking charges filed against him last week, police keep finding more and more assets to seize from him and his friends.

His wife, a policewoman from the foreign affairs division, swears she knows nothing of his criminal history.

Police say Tuhao owns 21 businesses in Thailand, eight located in Phuket, namely…

1) Ever Union Company

Ever Union Company is a real estate rental business registered on May 9, 2013, with a capital of 20 million baht. Chaiyanat “Tuhao” Kornchayanan has 80,000 shares in the company, while Nudiporn Petchpanompom has 75,000 shares, Suchada Massamiss has 25,000 shares and Wattanaree Kornchayanan (Tuhao’s wife) has 20,000 shares.

2) The City Centre Company

The City Centre is a real estate company registered on May 16, 2019, with a capital of 5 million baht. Tuhao holds 30,000 shares in the company while Sitthiphaiboon Kamnil and Suchada Massamiss hold 10,000 shares each.

3) King’s Bird’s Nest Company Phuket

King’s Bird’s Nest Company Phuket sells bird’s nests and bird’s nest-related products. The company was registered on September 19, 2011, with a capital of 10 million baht. Tuhao holds 60,000 shares, Tuaho’s wife holds 30,000 shares and Sitthiphaiboon Kamnil holds 10,000 shares.

4) Queen Legend Company Limited

Queen Legend is a business selling souvenirs, clothes, costumes, jewellery and leather goods registered on July 30, 2014, with a capital of 30 million baht. Tuhao holds 15,400 shares, Tuhao’s wife holds 8,500 shares and Sitthiphaiboon Kamnil holds 6,100 shares.

5) Modern Latex Company Limited

Modern Latex Company sells mattresses, pillows, latex bags and other latex goods. The company was registered on March 1, 2012, with a capital of 30 million. Tuhao holds 180,000 shares and Tuhao’s wife and Sitthiphaiboon Kamnil both hold 60,000 shares.

6) Modern Gems Phuket Company Limited

Modern Gems is a jewellery business registered on December 22, 2011, with a capital of 50 million baht. Tuhao holds 300,000 shares, Sitthiphaiboon Kamnil holds 150,000 shares and Tuhao’s wife holds 50,000 shares.

7) Royal Park Phuket Company Limited

Royal Park is a business selling herbal medicine registered on March 1, 2012, with a capital of 20 million baht. Tuhao holds 120,000 shares, Tuhao’s wife and Sitthiphaiboon Kamnil both hold 40,000 shares each.

8) Royal Internet Company Limited

Royal Internet is a wireless Internet installation service registered on August 16, 2012, with a capital of 2 million baht. Tuhao holds 16,000 shares, Zhuojia Zhuojia holds 3,900 shares and Pisanu Pholcharoen holds 100 shares.

Police say that Modern Gems’ property was home to a giant snake farm selling various snake products. Police said the building was beautiful and set on 10 rai of land worth 100 million baht.

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