Thai nurse arrested for conning the public out of millions of baht in flu vaccine scam

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A Thai nurse has been arrested, accused of defrauding the public in a flu vaccine scam that netted millions of baht. According to media reports, 38-year-old Thonglim Jitpeng was arrested in the Bang Na district of Bangkok. She has denied the charges against her.

According to reports, Thonglim ran a business selling hand sanitiser during the pandemic, which enabled her to gain the confidence of a number of associates. She then launched a scheme to administer flu vaccines at companies, factories, and government offices.

Thonglim allegedly told investors they could make 25 baht per vaccine dose, claiming she had signed a deal with healthcare firm, Abbot Laboratories, in Bangkok. Initially, investors received some returns, before the payments came to a halt and the scam was uncovered.

Following complaints from multiple people who had lost over five million baht, the authorities launched an investigation and found that no deal existed with Abbott Laboratories. Some media reports say the extent of the scam is much bigger, with up to 50 people having lost as much as 50 million baht.

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