Teenagers engage in bloody bomb attack after provocation, causing serious injuries

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In a disturbing incident, a 14 year old was involved in hurling a bomb at vocational students after being provoked, resulting in one serious injury. A 17 year old may need to have his leg amputated due to severely shattered bones in his right leg. Meanwhile, the bomb’s shards injured another 17 year old in his right arm, while the two others who arrived on another motorcycle were traumatised by the bomb attack incident.

The altercation took place near the Maruey Village 4, Sothon, Meung Chachoengsao district, Chachoengsao province yesterday. The investigating officer, Pol. Maj. Phat Phiew-Bua-Kham, of Chachoengsao City Police Station, was notified about an explosion incident which caused injury, and immediately led his team to inspect the scene.

Upon arrival, the police found a 17 year old student of a vocational college, with the pseudonym ‘A,’ severely injured due to the explosion of an unidentified bomb. His right anterior tibia was intricately fragmented, and his injuries initially seemed to require a leg amputation. Meanwhile, another companion of the same age was wounded on the right arm by bomb debris. Two others who had come on another motorcycle were shocked. The injured were promptly rushed to a hospital by the bystanders.

The police also found a cutlass and a grass-cutting knife at the scene next to a grey-black Honda wave bike, which didn’t bear any licence plate, and belonged to the injured. After learning about the incident, officials immediately apprehended the culprits, two teenagers aged 14 and 15 years old.

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Preliminary investigations revealed that before the incident, the two groups – who had no prior acquaintance or appointment – had encountered each other in front of the Robinson Chachoengsao Mall. After which, the injured party provoked the other party. The latter returned to their residence to fetch a ping-pong bomb, drove to find the instigators, and upon confronting each other at the bomb attack incident location, the aggrieved party detonated the stick bomb at the instigators. In response, the instigators, who had also prepared a similar bomb, retaliated resulting in ‘A’ suffering from critical injuries.

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