Swift Thai police action recovers tourist’s stolen iPhone on Phuket beach

Photo taken from The Phuket News

A European tourist’s holiday in Phuket almost took a dreadful turn when her iPhone was stolen at Ao Yon Beach. However, the quick response of local police in Thailand ensured the stolen item was promptly recovered.

On December 14, the tourist is 25 year old Vanessa Aust who reported to Wichit Police that her iPhone 13 Pro had vanished from her bag while she was enjoying a swim near the Bandara Hotel. The young woman, who was initially reported as Dutch, but later identified as a German national, recalled seeing a woman dressed in Muslim clothing near her belongings at the time of the theft.

The local law enforcement sprung into action, combing through CCTV footage to identify the suspect. Their efforts paid off when they located a woman that matched Aust’s description. The suspect was identified as Sobariya Jemah, a 24 year old local from the Thai Muslim community.

Once the suspect was located, the police, with Jemah’s consent, performed a search and discovered Aust’s iPhone 13 Pro. The swift and efficient actions of the Phuket Tourist Police not only solved the case but also ensured Vanessa could continue her holiday without any further disruptions.

In a video shared by the police, Vanessa expressed her gratitude to the Phuket Tourist Police for their efforts, stating that they had saved her vacation. She also promised to return to Thailand in the future, showing that this unfortunate incident hadn’t dampened her love for the country.

Following the events, Sobariya now faces charges of theft. As per Section 334 of the Thai Criminal Code for theft without additional circumstances, Jemah could face a penalty of up to three years in prison and/or a fine of up to 60,000 baht. The court also holds the discretion to suspend the term if it deems fit, reported The Phuket News.

In related news, The mayor of Chonnabot district municipality, Khon Kaen, finds himself at the epicentre of a corruption scandal. The once-respected official, Khunanon Hinthao, has been apprehended for allegedly scheming a jaw-dropping 30% kickback, amounting to a staggering 300,000 baht, in two CCTV installation projects valued at nearly 1 million baht.

The charming facade of Khunanon’s house, doubling as a coffee shop, proved to be a cunning cover for clandestine dealings. The mayor of Chonnabot district municipality has been arrested in an operation by the Anti-Corruption Division (ACD), National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), and Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC). Khunanon was allegedly caught red-handed accepting a hefty 300,000 baht bribe. To find out more, Read HERE!

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