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Spurned, sacked employee goes on 15 month spending spree with stolen credit card

What do you do if you’re fired from your job? Use the bosses company credit card and go on a spending spree. This woman acted criminally, but the company she stole from should be arrested for stupidity!

A 32 year old woman, Thamolwan Konthong, took revenge by stealing her former boss’s credit card and racking up a 6 million baht bill. She was able to live her life of luxury, using the card, for more than a year before it was detected and acted on.

Thamolwan was arrested at a house in Dok Mai sub-district in Bangkok’s Prawet district yesterday. Apart from the arrest, police seized ill-gotten booty they found piled up around the house – gold bars weighing 1.2 kilos, a 30 gram gold necklace, a car, four smartphones, a GoPro camera, 55-inch TV, notebook computer, an amplifier, luxury purses and handbags.

She was belatedly arrested after the owner of the company, where she used to work, filed a complaint with the Economic Crime Suppression Division that a company credit card had been stolen and used without authorisation.

The company owner only realised last month that the credit card had been missing since late 2017! During that time, company accountants thought the boss was using the card to pay the bills to the card issuer, Kasikorn Bank. Thamolwan had been using up the monthly limit of 500,000 baht since late 2017, spending a total of 6 million baht.

According to the bill, she’d visited a gold shop in Samut Prakan more than 50 times, spending 100-200,000 baht at a time on gold ornaments and bars. She also stayed at luxury hotels spending up to 80,000 per night, air travel and smartphones.

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