Pattaya bar fight injures more than 6 people

More than 6 people were injured in a Pattaya bar fight, photo by The Pattaya News.

There’s been another late-night bar fight in Pattaya.

Two groups of young adults brawled in the early hours of this morning at the YES Pattaya pub on Third Road. The bar fight, which injured more than six people, took place at 3.20am.

The youths started throwing punches and bottles at each other. When police officers and rescuers arrived at the scene, the groups continued to fight, leading to six injured people being taken to hospitals in Bang Lamung and Pattaya. This was not including people who had escaped and went to hospitals on their own, The Pattaya News reported.

There were several blood stains and broken glass bottles at the pub.

Pattaya Police are still working on identifying suspects through CCTV footage. Officers are also still investigating to find out who started the fight since it was unclear who the aggressors were in the chaotic incident.

Several social media users questioned why the venue was open past the legal closing time of 2am for nightlife venues in entertainment zones in Pattaya. The police did not immediately answer this question.

As one of Thailand’s major party hotspots, Pattaya has its share of bar fights.

Last month, an Australian man was left injured after a bar fight in Pattaya. A row reportedly began between Australian national 52 year old Troy Robert, and a Thai man between 20 and 25 years old, over a brief exchange of looks. The incident happened at the UB Me Bar on Soi Pattaya 7.

After the two men looked at each other in a way that appeared threatening, Robert reportedly advanced on the Thai man and got into a loud verbal disagreement, and then ended up getting assaulted, said witness Lameat Mongkhon.

Lameat said that everyone at the bar tried to break up the fight, but they were unsuccessful. Robert suffered bleeding and non-life-threatening head injuries. He was reportedly punched and knocked to the ground in front of the bar.

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