• Thailand

    POLL: Majority opposed to 4am venue curfew

    A new poll shows that, despite vocal advocates and support amongst tourists, the majority of Thai people don’t believe that nightlife entertainment venues should be allowed to open until 4am. The poll found that 48.6% of people believe that 2am is a late enough time for bars and clubs to close. Only 40.6% of people believe that some or all…

  • Bangkok

    Bangkok bartender announces new pet-friendly pop-up bar

    A Bangkok bartender announced that she is starting a new pet-friendly pop-up bar. The bar will have its first service tonight and will operate until February 2023. The bar is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm until late at night. The bartender, Suwincha “Chacha” Singsuwan, wrote in a Facebook post… “Cocktail bar pop up with less stress possible. Small…

  • Guides

    5 best wine bars in Bangkok offering rich and quality wine

    It’s wine o’clock! Whether you’re all about fruity reds, sweet whites, or funky naturals, Bangkok has many great spots to sip your favourite varieties. But with an array of options to choose from, and the constant rise and fall of existing places, landing the perfect wine bar in Bangkok can prove a challenge. But worry not; below, we’ve compiled the…

  • Tourism

    4am alcohol curfew may increase revenue, but also crime, deaths

    Supporters of the current proposal to allow nightlife entertainment venues to open and serve booze until 4am in some tourist provinces think it will allow money-spending customers to drink alcohol and party for a few extra hours. Meanwhile, opposition to the proposal worries that it will allow customers to drink alcohol and party for a few extra hours, with dire…

  • Bangkok

    Bangkok nightlife venues frustrated with June 1 re-opening rules

    The owners of bars, clubs, and other nightlife venues in Bangkok have expressed frustration with conditions governing the June 1 re-opening. From Wednesday, such businesses can re-open, provided they are located in the 31 blue or green zones, adhere to disease prevention measures, and close by midnight. It’s the midnight closure that most are finding frustrating, with several business owners…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Government urges bars, nightlife venues to remain safe on re-opening

    The Thai government is warning nightlife operators to remain safe and to continue to adhere to Covid-19 prevention measures once they re-open next month. The warning comes following a meeting of the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration last Friday, when it was agreed that nightlife in designated parts of the country could re-open. The businesses in question include bars, nightclubs,…

  • Coronavirus Thailand

    Thailand target reopening of bars on June 1

    The Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha today sits down with a virus task force that includes the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, and Ministry of Public Health to consider the reopening of pubs, bars and restaurants in Thailand’s green zones. A Ministry of Public Health source revealed that as the pandemic situation is getting better, health officials were contemplating introducing green…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Proposal for new “green zone” provinces goes before CCSA today

    Thailand’s Public Health Ministry has submitted a proposal to classify some provinces as “green zones”. The proposal will be considered by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration when it meets today. Kiattiphum Wongrajit from the health ministry says the proposal involves adjusting the Covid-19 colour-coded zoning, which currently has provinces listed as yellow (high surveillance) or blue “tourism” zones. The…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    In Thailand, Covid numbers plummet, but restrictions remain

    Thailand registered 5,238 new Covid infections and 40 new Covid-related deaths over the last 24 hours, another day of drops in numbers since the Omicron variant hit its peak on April 1 with 28,379 infections in a 24 hour period. Yesterday there were 6,094 new infections and 51 deaths. But the number of deaths from Covid-19 has been stubbornly consistently…

  • Video

    Welcome to Thailand’s Endemic Sandbox | GMT

    The Bikini Beach Race to take place in Pattaya this October. An endemic Sandbox has been proposed where nightspots and entertainment would re-open. Thailand is open for business as per the PM. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Video

    Getting Ready to Open Thailand Night Life | GMT

    A tropical cyclone, Thailand getting ready to open its night life, fortune telling tarantulas and prioritising the public needs. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Thailand

    Thai Minister wants to ban Facebook, Youtube and Twitter | GMT

    the Minister of Digital Economy and Society, has asked the court to ban access to 42 websites including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Thailand government will most likely keep the diesel cap. Phuket eyes 1m arrivals in Q4. Airport mishaps and crazy cults in Thailand. All this and more on todays Good Morining Thailand.

  • Business

    Nightlife venues in “blue zones” want permission to re-open from June 1

    Thailand’s nightlife venues are demanding to be allowed re-open for business in “blue zone” tourism areas from June 1. According to a Bangkok Post report, the proposal is one of several being submitted to PM Prayut Chan-o-cha today. Sa-nga Ruangwatthanakul from the association of Khao San Road business operators says the proposals are being put forward by over 10 associations…

  • Video

    Thailand News Update | Pattaya officials discuss re-opening bars and night life

    Pattaya officials and stakeholders have been meeting to discuss the dropping of curfews and an official reopening of bars and the city’s vibrant nightlife. กุลชาติ กุลชัย the superintendent of Chon Buri Police, chaired the meeting. Bars around Thailand, particularly in tourist magnet areas, have been forced to convert to ‘restaurants’ in order to reopen and serve alcohol. From May 1, restaurants,…

  • Pattaya

    Pattaya police raid karaoke bar, some partygoers also test positive for drugs

    Police in Pattaya raided a karaoke bar open past the 11pm cutoff time set by the government under the Covid-19 preventative measures. Officers from the Mueng Pattaya Police Station went by the karaoke bar Casanova at 1:30am on Sunday. Many cars and motorcycles were parked out front and music could be heard coming from inside the bar. Customers dancing and…

  • Travel

    Top 5 unique bars in Bangkok 2022

    Why do people love going to bars? Bar-going is definitely a way for people to wind down, let off steam, and enjoy good company. But what makes bars distinctively attractive in comparison to drinking from the comfort of your home? Well, it’s the vibe that the bars offer. Yes, contrary to popular beliefs, it’s not only about loud music or…

  • Pattaya

    Pattaya braces for reopening of “Walking Street” ahead of the US troops visit

    Pattaya City’s officials met with more than 30 local business owners on Saturday to discuss preventive measures and regulations to reopen the famous “Walking Street” ahead of a planned US troops visit weeks ahead. Around 2,000 soldiers are expected to visit this month for the Cobra Gold military exercise. The discussions come just as Chon Buri prepares to welcome an…

  • Phuket

    Venues in Phuket selling alcohol must apply for new permit

    First, they shut all the bars and entertainment venues selling alcohol in Thailand. Then they said those venues could reopen, but not as a boozy bar, rather as restaurants, who eventually were allowed to sell a bit of alcohol again, now until 11 pm. But now in Phuket, entertainment venues that were originally licenced to sell alcohol but then got…

  • Bangkok

    BMA follows CCSA; Bangkok entertainment venues remain closed

    It will likely come as no shock to anyone, but the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration declared today that they will follow the rules of the CCSA and extend the closure of entertainment venues indefinitely. The decision was announced today that bars, pubs, karaoke, nightclubs, and other nightlife and entertainment venues will not be reopening in Bangkok as with the rest of…

  • Pattaya

    12 Pattaya restaurant owners, managers arrested for breaching 9pm cutoff for booze

    A dozen of owners and managers of Pattaya’s bars-turned-restaurants were arrested for allegedly serving alcohol past the 9pm cutoff time. Some bars reportedly lowered their shutters to make it appear like the venue was closed, but continued to serve booze to customers inside. Some turned off the lights and music at 9pm, but stayed open, serving alcohol discretely with disposable…

  • Pattaya

    Pattaya police raid bars serving alcohol past 9pm, arrest two managers

    Two bar managers in Pattaya were arrested for violating the disease control measures last night. Bars across Thailand are ordered to remain closed, but some have opened up as restaurants. In “blue zones,” which includes Pattaya, alcohol sales and consumption at restaurants are allowed until 9pm. At around 9:30pm, Pattaya police officers went to Soi Bua Khao and Walking Street…

  • Thailand

    Bars and nightclubs can reopen on January 16… but as restaurants

    After being closed for nine months, bars, karaoke venues, and nightclubs will be able to open temporarily as “restaurants” starting on January 16. And most won’t be allowed to serve booze (legally). As a New Year’s gift, the Thai government gave restaurants and approved venues across the country a free pass to serve booze the night of December 31 until 1am…