Pattalung school teacher investigated for alleged child abuse

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A female teacher is under investigation for alleged child abuse at a school in Pattalung‘s Pa Phayom district. The investigations follow reports that the teacher hit the back of a five year old boy, leaving visible bruises, after he accidentally scratched her car. The incident came to light when the boy’s parents lodged a formal complaint at the local police station, after noticing the bruises when they took him home.

In an update provided today, Pattalung Children and Families’ Home officials, alongside local school and district administrators, met at Wat Khlong Yai School, where the incident allegedly occurred. The school’s director, Phasakorn Nunpan, confirmed that the teacher in question has been temporarily reassigned to another district pending the investigation’s outcome. The teacher admitted to striking the boy twice, according to Phasakorn.

As part of the procedure, the Pattalung Children and Families’ Home joined the boy’s parents in filing the formal complaint and provided psychological support to the young boy. Pattalung Education Area Office 1 further commented that if the investigation finds the teacher guilty, disciplinary actions could range from salary cuts to termination, depending on the severity of the misconduct, reported KhaoSod. An official from the Pattalung Education Area Office 1 said…

“They will face the legal process if found at fault. On the legal side, we have a Children and Families’ Home official helping with the report, as well as providing emotional therapy to the child. For minor offences, disciplinary punishments, including salary cuts, will be enforced. For severe misconduct, however, dismissal could be a possible penalty. These actions, however, depend on the findings of the investigating committee.”

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The incident drew widespread attention to children’s rights and safety in schools, re-emphasising the importance of protecting children from any form of abuse.

Phasakorn, the school’s director said…

“Initially after we were informed about this incident, the school set up an investigative committee and also had this teacher temporarily move to help out at another district Pattalung Education Area Office.”

The Pattalung Children and Families home is monitoring the child’s well-being closely and providing professional mental healthcare to manage trauma and assist in recovery. The outcomes of this case rest in the hands of the ongoing investigation, which is critical for paving the way towards better protection of children’s rights and safety in educational settings.

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