New details unfolding over alleged assault by Pattaya loan sharks

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New details are unfolding around a Pattaya woman who on Monday, November 28 alleged that loan sharks had abducted and assaulted her.

The woman, 21 year old Tasneeporn Youngram, said that four loan sharks forced her into a car on Soi Paniad Chang in Bang Lamung. She said they then brought her to a deserted road, where they beat her.

Tasneeporn said she borrowed 35,000 baht from a woman and had paid 5,000 of the high-interest payments, but missed a payment by two days before the loan sharks came after her.

On November 29, police identified four suspects. The suspects were 23 year old Saibua Surasorn, 23 year old Nid, and two 16 year old girls.

Saibua claimed that she had never been a loan shark. She said she operates an e-commerce business. She also said that another suspect, Nid, is Tatsneeporn’s classmate.

Saibua said that Tasneeporn had borrowed the money, but offered to pay interest. She added that the Tasneeporn did not postpone the loan payment, she refused to pay back the balance, Pattaya Mail reported.

Saibua then claimed that she and the other suspects picked up Tasneeporn, intending to discuss the issue. She said, however, that things got heated, and the teen girls punched Tasneeporn. Saibua claimed she tried to stop them.

Police continue to investigate.


Loan sharks in Pattaya allegedly abducted and physically assaulted a young woman. The woman, 21 year old Tasneeporn Youngram, reported the incident to Pattaya Police yesterday.

Tasneeporn said that four loan sharks forced her to get in a car after she failed to repay 35,000 baht that she borrowed from them. She said this happened on Soi Paniad Chang in Bang Lamung.

The loan sharks then brought Tasneeporn to an empty road, dragged her out of the car and started hurting her, she said. After they were finished, they told Tasneeporn to pay the remaining debt and fled the scene.

Police said Tasneeporn suffered bruises and scratches on her lips, hands, and limbs, The Pattaya News reported.

Tasneeporn refused to reveal the names of the loan sharks, to protect her safety.

Pattaya police said they would review CCTV cameras in Soi Paniad Chang and where Tasneeporn was abandoned to track down the suspect’s car.

Thai loan sharks have committed brutal crimes against debtors. Last month, a loan shark chose revenge over repayments on Sunday when he shot a debtor eight times in the head outside a tea shop in Songkhla province in southern Thailand.

In September, a loan shark allegedly threw a deadly military-grade hand grenade at a woman’s house in Phattalung province, southern Thailand, after she failed to meet repayments.

In August, another Pattaya loan shark threatened to cut off a debtor’s finger.

In July, a loan shark broke into a woman’s home in Phetchabun province, northern Thailand, and spread fermented fish all over her house and belongings. The victim, a single mother, returned home to find her house brimming with “Pla Ra,” or stinky fermented fish. The smell was so rancid that she had to drag her bed and all her electronic appliances outside to dry out in the sun in an attempt to get rid of it.

Last week, one debt-ridden Thai woman even faked her death to escape loan sharks.

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