Mysterious man terrorises Thai vet, police late to respond

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A mysterious man terrorised a veterinarian living and working at her animal clinic in Thailand’s Rayong province. The vet called the police, and the 191 emergency line was busy. The police arrived hours later but said they could not detain the suspect because he was “out of control.”

The vet was alarmed when an unidentified man, approximately 25 to 30 years old, trespassed and vandalised her home and animal clinic. The man attempted to cover the clinic’s CCTV cameras and peered into the windows during the early hours of the morning. Panic-stricken, the female vet hid and tried to call the 191 emergency number but found the line to be busy.

After finding a local police station’s contact details, she informed them of the incident. She then called her father who lived about 20 kilometres away. Surprisingly, her father arrived at the scene before the police, and chased the intruder away.

The police eventually arrived at the scene around 6am, stating that they could not arrest the suspect as he was “fanatical,” and any detention would result in his subsequent release. The concerned vet suggested treating the man rather than releasing him if he was unpredictable.

A community leader of the area, Chawalit Lertpan, shed light on the suspect’s behaviour, which he said included stealing minor items from local residences. However, the suspect’s name, whether he was a drug user, and any information regarding his mental health, were unknown.

PLC. Veephong Kongkaew, the station chief of Rayong’s provincial police, personally inspected the scene and ordered an investigation into the incident. If the suspect turns out to be of sound mind, legal action will be pursued. If not, the relevant agencies will be responsible for providing treatment. The police will conduct regular checks on the vet’s home and clinic to ensure her safety and alleviate her concerns.

The number of crimes in Thailand keeps going up. Because of this, police division 8 enhanced gun training. Read more HERE.

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