Man allegedly beats wife and son to death before attacking neighbour

PHOTO: ONB News: Crime renactment

A 50 year old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife and son, then setting their bodies on fire at their home in Nakhon Pathom, in central Thailand. Phan Thopa is facing charges of murder and arson as well as physical assault causing injury after he chased after a neighbour and hit her with a hammer, breaking her arm.

Phan allegedly admitted to police that he killed both his 48 year old wife Anon Seedawong and their son, 14 year old Ekkararat Thopa by beating their heads with a hammer. He then covered their bodies with blankets and clothing, pouring petrol over the fabric and setting it on fire, Phan allegedly told officers.

A neighbour, 59 year old Lakhon Nuata, says she had heard commotion coming from the house and looked to see what was happening. Smoke was coming from the house and Phan was coming toward her with a hammer.

Lakhon says she ran away as he chased her, swinging the hammer at her back and head, luckily missing. As he swung the hammer again, she raised her arm to block, but the hammer hit her arm, breaking the bone.

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Chief of the Nakhon Phanom police says he questioned the relatives who claim Phan has mental health problems, sometimes with delusions that someone was assaulting him, depriving him of his wife and son, and taking his belongings. Apparently, Phan had not taken his medication in 3 months and had been drinking alcohol.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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