Kidnapped baby Nong Gina was not sexually assaulted

PHOTO: Nong Gina's ordeal thankfully did not involve sexual assault. (via Royal Thai Police)

After the bizarre excuse given for Nong Gina’s kidnapping, that the 2 year old was left at a cave as a sacrifice to the nature spirits, police and missing persons groups suspected more sinister motivations. Police are looking into the possibility that a human trafficking network had targeted Nong Gina, and questioned 3 additional suspects. Now after a physical examination, officials have confirmed that the baby girl was thankfully not the victim of any sexual assault.

The commissioner of Provincial Police Region 5 confirmed the results of a thorough examination found that Nong Gina had no food in her system for 48 hours prior to being found, and insect bites and minor cuts and bruises, but no signs of any abuse or sexual violation.

The Burmese man who confessed to snatching the baby has so far only been charged with illegal entry and not kidnapping or anything more. He said forest and mountain spirits requested a sacrifice and he saw the girl unsupervised and grabbed her.

Police are interviewing more witnesses to piece together a bigger picture. The 3 people held for questioning yesterday were released already after providing DNA samples for testing, according to investigators. It seems the group were the ones who spotted Nong Gina at the hut by the cave, and they have denied having any involvement in the kidnapping or any possible trafficking plot.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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