Fraudulent gambling site operator arrested in Nonthaburi, victims lose 500,000 baht

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A gambling site administrator was arrested yesterday after he deceived people into playing and then prevented them from withdrawing their winnings. He was in charge of managing the fraudulent website, posting enticing advertisements, and finding mule accounts to receive fraudulent transfers from the victims.

His arrest, which took place in his residence in Nonthaburi province, was the result of a complaint from a distressed citizen who was defrauded of around 500,000 baht (US$13,763).

The police investigation revealed that 26 year old Surachai had fled to Nonthaburi after committing the offence. Upon gathering sufficient evidence, the police obtained a search warrant from the Nonthaburi Provincial Court.

During the search of his residence, Surachai was apprehended with 14 items of evidence including 11 bank account books, three ATM cards, a notebook, and two phones.

Surachai confessed that he was hired to manage the scam gambling website for a monthly salary of 15,000 baht. The scam involved inviting interested individuals to transfer money to play the games. However, when players won and wanted to withdraw their money, they were unable to do so. Surachai also admitted to posting ads to lure victims and finding mule accounts for receiving the money transfers, reported KhaoSod.

The police subsequently handed him over to Bang Bua Thong Police Station to proceed with the charges. These include organising gambling without permission, causing damage to others’ documents, using others’ electronic cards without permission, and possessing others’ electronic cards with intent to cause damage.

This action aligns with the policy of Police Lieutenant General Torsak Sukwimol, Commissioner of Police, and Police Major General Thana Chuwong, Deputy Commissioner, to crack down on all types of crimes that cause distress to honest citizens.

The Online Patrol Unit of the Thai Police had received numerous complaints from victims who were deceived into playing on fraudulent online gambling websites and were unable to withdraw their winnings.

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