Love’s fatal crossfire: Jealousy ignites tragic showdown in eastern Thailand

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A tragic incident gripped the community of Prajantakam, Prachinburi, in eastern Thailand after an ex-husband confronted his former wife and her new partner. His jealousy led to a violent encounter and ended in a fatal shooting.

Witnesses yesterday recalled a heated spat in a rented room along Vorodom Road behind Wat Sri Prajantakam temple. The situation escalated, resulting in gunshots that left a resident dead.

In an unfortunate event, The former husband of Chanikarn, 35 year old Prachya, was found dead in the rented room owned by his 32 year old ex wife.

Prachya was found with three 9mm gunshot wounds in his chest and three empty shell casings and two beer cans lay by his side.

The preliminary police investigation pointed towards jealousy as the reason behind the deadly event.

Chanikarn told police she had been separated from her husband for over a year. Prior to the fatal incident, she had been enjoying a drink with her new partner, 41 year old Viset. The sudden arrival of her ex-husband escalated the situation and he threw a beer bottle at Viset and an argument followed. Gunshots were then heard coming from the rental room, reported KhaoSod.

Providing further details, a shopkeeper from a store across from the rental room reported hearing three gunshots and observed people fleeing immediately on motorbikes. Meanwhile, the gunman, identified as Viset, ascended a black four-door pickup truck and escaped in the direction of the Sri Prajantakam community.

After the incident, Chanikarn revealed that Prachaya had often argued with her due to jealousy ever since their separation. She had only recently moved to the new rental room and started living with her sister.

Around the same time, 35 year old Pimpayon, the deceased’s new wife, informed the police that she had received news of her husband’s involvement in the episode with his ex-wife and his untimely death. She revealed that ongoing quarrels between her husband and ex-wife were common. However, she had repeatedly warned her spouse to refrain from such actions.

Meanwhile, Chanikarn’s sister mentioned overhearing Prachya’s verbal abuse towards Chanikarn in a phone call. The dispute took a fatal turn when Prachya arrived at the rental room and launched a beer bottle at Viset. A confrontation ensued, which ended in three gunshots and Prachya was found dead.

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