Fake policeman allegedly rapes, beats and imprisons 20 year old in central Thailand

Police yesterday arrested a 27 year old man in Nonthaburi province, central Thailand, who posed as a police officer on a dating app and allegedly raped, beat, and kept a 20 year old woman imprisoned for two days.

The victim – Ms. A (pseudonym) – met Weerapat, or ‘Boo,’ on a dating app. Boo told Ms. A he was a policeman in Prachin Buri province. Ms. A didn’t suspect that he was lying because he had plenty of photos on Facebook wearing a police uniform and had even posted photos of his police ID badge, handcuffs, and weapons.

Ms. A arranged to meet Boo on Tuesday at midnight. He took Ms. A to his friend’s room where the two had consensual sex. On Wednesday, Boo took Ms. A back home on her motorbike and rode her motorbike back to his house, Ms. A told police.

On Thursday, Ms. A went back to Boo’s friend’s house to pick up her motorbike. Boo said he wanted to take Ms. A out, but she said she needed to go home. Ms. A said that Boo wasn’t happy that she said to had to leave, so he attacked her. He beat her, strangled her, put a gun to her head, kicked her in the chest, and yanked her hair, she told police.

Ms. A escaped and did not contact Boo after the attack. But then Boo sent her a threatening message demanding her to meet him on Saturday. If she didn’t meet him, he would go to her house and beat her up, he said in the message.

Ms. A was terrified that Boo would come to hurt her at her house. Ms. A replied pleading Boo not to hurt her family, who she lives with. Boo replied saying that he is a policeman, and if she wanted her family to be safe, she needs to see Boo whenever he asks.

Terrified that Boo would hurt her family, Ms. A returned to see Boo on Saturday. Ms. A thought he would let her go like the last time, but Boo wouldn’t let her leave. Ms. A needed to go to work, in a department store, but Boo wouldn’t let her go to work, she said. Ms. A said her phone was almost out of battery and she was scared.

Ms. A contacted her Aunt to help, but Boo found the messages and confiscated her phone all day and talked to her relatives himself, posing as Ms. A. She tried to snatch her phone back and he punched her in the face, said Ms. A.

Boo allegedly raped Ms. A and kept her imprisoned for two days. Ms. A said there were people on the bottom floor of the house and after two days, someone from downstairs called the police to help her. Then, the police came and rescued her from the room.

Police arrested Boo and took him for questioning at Bang Bua Thong Station. Police found that Boo had never worked in the police force. Initially, Boo was arrested for violating the Computer Crimes Act (2018) for falsely posing as a policeman online.

Police took Boo for a urine test, which came back positive for drugs (the police didn’t say what drug). Police checked his criminal history and found he had previously been arrested in several drug cases.

Now, Boo is facing several charges including illicit drug use, illegal detention, rape, assault, and posing as a police officer. Police found that Boo works as a security guard and his company issued him a fake police ID card.

Yesterday at 2pm, investigating officers from Bang Bua Thong Police Station video called the victim who was in a “state of fear.”

Ms. A said she wants to warn people against meeting just anyone they meet online. She said she will never use dating apps again.

SOURCE: KhaoSod, Sanook, Amarin, ThaiRath

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