Ex-husband violently attacks man in Rayong after recent breakup with girlfriend

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A 40 year old man was attacked by his girlfriend’s ex-husband outside a village in Rayong province, Thailand, following the couple’s breakup 15 days ago. The attacker, accompanied by a friend, severely injured the victim before fleeing the scene.

At around 9am this morning, the authorities were alerted about an incident of assault at the entrance of a village on ค.2 road in Rayong province. Upon arrival, they found a group of people gathered around a white car with signs of collision, a damaged tree barrier, and a man in black clothing suffering from injuries to his face and chest. Police and emergency services provided initial medical assistance before the injured man, identified as Chanathip, was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Chanathip reported that the assault happened when he was dropping off his 28 year old girlfriend, Sudarat, at her workplace in the village. Suddenly, a man with a knife attacked him, shattering the driver’s side window and dragging Chanathip out of the car. Sudarat screamed for help, but the attacker continued to beat Chanathip and attempted to stab him in the head, only to be stopped by security guards and villagers who intervened, reported Sanook.

Sudarat stated that the attacker, wearing a green shirt, was her ex-husband, with whom she shares three children. They had ended their marriage approximately 15 days prior to the attack, and she assumed her ex-husband was upset about her new relationship. He had travelled from Chai Nat province with a friend to plan the attack. Sudarat expressed her desire for legal action to prevent further attacks on her or her boyfriend.

Witnesses captured footage of the attack, showing Sudarat’s ex-husband assaulting Chanathip on the ground while Sudarat pleaded for him to stop. Another person wearing black was seen standing nearby. The police now have information on the attacker and are reviewing CCTV footage from the surrounding area to determine their escape route. Authorities have coordinated with other law enforcement agencies to track the assailants, who are believed to have not gone far. The case is currently under investigation.

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