Cybercrime police arrest suspects who allegedly sold cannabis through Facebook

Photo via Cybercrime police

Thailand’s cybercrime police seized 76 kilograms of cannabis and arrested 2 Thai men for allegedly selling cannabis. Officers say the suspects used Facebook to connect with customers and delivered the cannabis by mail through the delivery service Kerry Express.

Thai media identified the suspects as 43 year old Natthapong and his alleged accomplice, 25 year old Peerapong. Police say buyers spoke with the men through Facebook Messenger and transferred money to a bank account. The cannabis was then packed and then sent from a Kerry firm in Bangkok’s southwestern district Bang Bon.

In parcels ready to be sent, police found a total of 9 kilograms of cannabis. Officers searched the house and found 67 more kilograms of cannabis.

Cannabis with the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is still illegal and classified in Thailand’s Narcotics Act as a Category 5 drug.


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Tanutam Thawan

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