Customers at Isaan restaurant face 2 months in jail for drinking alcohol

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Customers drinking alcohol at a restaurant in the Isaan province Nakhon Ratchasima reportedly face two-month prison sentences and a 12,500 baht fine. The Bangkok Post reported that Thai police raided the restaurant on Wednesday night and arrested 39 people including customers and staff. Police say the bar was open past the hours set by emergency orders and was serving alcohol.

Nakhon Ratchasima is classified as a “dark red” zone for a high Covid-19 infection rate. Alcohol sales and consumption at restaurants is prohibited. And under the emergency orders, the restaurants in “dark red” zones must close by 9pm.

Police raided the Lamer Restaurant and Karaoke at around 10:30pm on Wednesday. Police say alcohol was being served and live music was playing, violating both the provincial order and the Emergency Decree.

The district chief says the 39 people who were arrested all plead guilty and were sentenced by the Nakhon Ratchasima Court this morning. He also said that the authorities were planning on taking further action against the owner of the establishment.

Authorities have told the public that they have no choice but to enforce the current Covid-19 rules, and to prosecute any offenders. They said that they are expecting the situation to improve soon, and are advising the public to respect any restrictions in place in the meantime.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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