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  • Thailand News

    Alcohol consumption bans at retirement parties win praise

    Two key Thai ministries, the Interior and Education, have gained recognition for their commitment to stamping out alcohol consumption during retirement parties for their staff ending their service after this month. Introduced seven years ago, this policy was brought into effect following requests made by the StopDrink Network Office, the Office of the Basic Education Commission, the Thai Health Promotion…

  • Phuket News

    24-hour alcohol ban in key Patong areas during councillor election

    A 24-hour alcohol ban is set to take place in key areas of Patong, Phuket, as local residents prepare to vote in a councillor election on June 11. Patong Municipality Election Director Wipa Chanthong confirmed the ban, which will be in effect throughout Patong Municipality Constituency 3 from 6pm on June 10 to 6pm on June 11. Constituency 3 is…

  • Thailand News

    Two booze ban days coming up in Thailand

    In case drunkenness influences voters to tick the wrong box in Thailand‘s upcoming elections, alcohol sales will be banned nationwide for two Saturdays next month – early voting day and Election Day. No alcohol may be sold from 6pm on May 6 until 6pm on May 7, as well as from 6pm on May 13 until 6pm on May 14.…

  • Events

    Makha Bucha Day Monday: lots of Buddhism, no booze

    Buddha Days: holidays of religious celebration for Thais and sober frustration for foreign tourists. Next week Thailand will celebrate Makha Bucha Day, an important religious holiday for Thai Buddhists. The holiday falls on Monday, March 6. While the day may not hold the same religious significance for non-Buddhists, it is still recognized as a significant day in Thai culture, and…

  • Pattaya News

    Alcohol ban in Pattaya and Bangkok today until 6pm

    There’s an alcohol ban in Pattaya and Bangkok today. It will last until 6pm tonight. Alcohol sales will be banned in Pattaya and Bangkok due to the Pattaya mayoral election, and the Bangkok governor election. Polling for both is being held today. In Bangkok voting is across 50 districts where 31 candidates are vying for the position of Governor –…

  • Pattaya News

    Alcohol ban in Pattaya and Bangkok from 6pm Saturday

    We know you just can’t get enough of Thailand’s alcohol bans, so here’s another one coming up tonight for you in Pattaya and Bangkok! From 6pm tonight (Saturday) until 6pm tomorrow night, alcohol sales will be banned in Pattaya and Bangkok due to the Pattaya mayoral election, and the Bangkok governor election, both of which are tomorrow. Those who break…

  • Video

    CCSA meeting today to officially reopen bars? | GMT

    The ministry’s proposal to the CCSA involves the revised zoning of Covid-19 hit provinces. Thailand targets UK, India, Germany for Tourism. Thai AirAsia X bankrupt and Russel Crowe takes part in the Bangkok Governor elections. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Thailand News

    “Don’t drink and vote” Alcohol ban this weekend | GMT

    Following Thailand’s alcohol ban for the Buddhist holiday of Visakha Bucha Day, Pattaya and Bangkok dwellers can prepare for yet another alcohol ban coming just a week later! A popular Facebook page has posted a video and photos this week of black, dirty water flowing into Phuket Kamala Beach on the island’s west coast. Thailand’s public prosecution committee unanimously agreed…

  • Thailand News

    Remember Thailand’s alcohol sales ban tomorrow!

    As is custom for several of Thailand’s religious holidays, alcohol sales will be prohibited across the country tomorrow (Sunday) for Visakha Bucha Day. The day, the most significant in the Buddhist calendar, commemorates 3 defining events in the life of the Lord Buddha. These include his birth, attaining enlightenment at 35 years old, and then his death 45 years later,…

  • Northern Thailand News

    Khon Kaen still enforcing unpopular alcohol ban at least 2 more weeks

    Khon Kaen’s governor announced yesterday that the province will continue its highly strict, unpopular ban of alcohol from all restaurants for at least two more weeks. After two weeks, the ban will be reevaluated. Even though Thailand has allowed bars to reopen as temporary restaurants, Khon Kaen enforces stricter laws, and doesn’t even allow restaurants to serve alcohol. Alcohol can…

  • Events

    Makha Bucha Day 2022: All about the public holiday in Thailand

    For Thai Buddhists, Makha Bucha, also written Māgha Pūjā, is a day of abstinence, reflection and visits to the local temple, which culminate in picturesque candle-lit ceremonies in the evening. For those who don’t follow the Buddhist traditions, it’s a day of no alcohol sales. In fact, there is always a 24 hour alcohol ban imposed on the day, from…

  • Video

    Thailand News Update | Easing of alcohol ban in Thailand

    Put on your party shoes… from tonight you’ll be able to stay out a bit later for a drink. The easing of the alcohol ban for 8 Blue Zone provinces goes into effect today with restaurants and the growing number of ‘faux restaurants’ allowed to sell alcoholic drinks until 11 pm. Bars, pubs, karaoke, nightclubs, and other nightlife and entertainment…

  • Thailand News

    Alcohol until 11 pm at food venues in 8 Blue provinces from tomorrow

    Put on your party boots; tomorrow it’s time to go out late for drinks on a Monday! The easing of the alcohol ban for 8 Blue Zone provinces goes into effect tomorrow with restaurants and similar venues allowed to sell drinks until 11 pm now. Bars, pubs, karaoke, nightclubs, and other nightlife and entertainment venues will not be legally allowed…

  • Covid-19 News

    Pattaya Karaoke bar raided afterhours for violating Covid-19 rules

    A karaoke bar in Pattaya flagrantly ignoring all Covid-19 regulations was raided by police last night as more than 50 people drank and partied inside. Police raided Jacky Karaoke around 11:30 pm last night after receiving an anonymous tip from someone reported to be worried about the illegal venue spreading Covid-19 in their area. The karaoke bar, located on Soi…

  • Tourism News

    Have a Test & Go QR code to enter Thailand? Read this.

    Details emerging from last Friday’s deliberations by the CCSA have now been published in the Royal Gazette, enacting them into law. Missing from the published guidelines about changes to the Thailand Pass, is any reference to a cut-off date which was both stated and then published by government representatives on Friday following a meeting of the CCSA. Speaking to the…

  • Pattaya News

    Immune to penalty, police raid Sky Mountain restaurant a 6th time

    They say no good deed goes unpunished, but in the case of Sky Mountain Restaurant in Pattaya, no unpunished deed goes unrepeated. The restaurant has been raided by police a sixth time for acting as a bar and nightclub and illegally selling alcohol in violation of Covid-19 restrictions, though it has not seen any penalty yet and continues to operate…

  • Pattaya News

    Pattaya restaurant raided a fifth time for Covid-19 violations

    Seemingly unfazed by an apparent complete lack of any punishment the first 4 times, a Pattaya restaurant has been raided a fifth time for violating Covid-19 restrictions. The restaurant, Sky Mountain, has been busted 4 times previously for operating as a bar, selling alcohol and opening without proper permitting, but has faced little repercussions for their disregard for the regulations…

  • Covid-19 News

    Business and government leaders meet to reopen Pattaya bars

    A high-level meeting is the latest in the non-stop attempts by businesses in Pattaya to reopen bars and entertainment venues, with business leaders and government officials meeting at Pattaya City Hall yesterday to discuss the issue. The conference was run by the president of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association, the Bang Lamung District Chief, the mayor of Pattaya, and…

  • Pattaya News

    Pattaya restaurant busted operating after curfew as a nightclub

    In a familiar scene lately as Thailand toes the line between Covid-19 safety and restarting the tourism economy by relaxing alcohol bans in select areas around the country, a restaurant essentially operating as a bar on South Pattaya Road was shut down last night for violating the Chon Buri Communicable Disease Control order. Dripoly restaurant in Pattaya was raided just…

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  • Pattaya News

    4 Bang Saen restaurants busted selling alcohol outside Chon Buri Blue Zone

    Though Chon Buri has allowed alcohol in restaurants as part of the tourist Blue Zone, only specific areas received the exemption to Thailand’s alcohol ban. Over the weekend, 4 restaurant managers outside of the approved Blue Zone areas, mostly in the popular alternate tourist area Bang Saen, were arrested for selling alcohol against Covid-19 restrictions. The busts took place on…

  • Chiang Mai News

    Chiang Mai and Hua Hin can now serve alcohol in restaurants

    The booze news keeps flowing like alcohol now cam in several more tourist locations around Thailand this weekend. While nightlife and entertainment venues still officially remain shuttered, restaurants are now being allowed to serve alcohol in Cha-am, Hua Hin, and 5 key districts in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the latest to ease restrictions on serving and consuming alcohol in…

  • Tourism News

    Alcohol sales and consumption allowed in Chon Buri again

    After what seems like an eternity of fighting, protesting, and petitioning, the party is back in Pattaya! Sort of. Last night, the Public Relations Facebook page of the Chon Buri Governor posted the order easing restrictions on alcohol sales and consumption in the Chon Buri Blue Zone. The Blue Zone includes Pattaya and Bang Lamung, as well as Koh Larn,…

  • Central Thailand News

    Muang district in Ayutthaya allow to serve alcohol in restaurants

    The CCSA seems to be slowly rolling out the lifting of the alcohol ban in Thailand on a province by province, and sometimes district by district, basis. Muang district in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is the latest district to receive the green light to ease Covid-19 restrictions and allow alcohol to be served in restaurants. The district in Ayutthaya has…

  • Tourism News

    Cha-am permitted to sell alcohol in restaurants from December 1

    While tourist areas all across Thailand are fighting to be allowed to sell alcohol, Cha-am will be the next tourist pilot area to get to sell drinks. The Phetchaburi Provincial Communicable Disease Committee is preparing to test allowing restaurants and shops to sell alcohol in the tourist city until 10 pm. The trial run of the new permission will be…

  • Pattaya News

    Pattaya mayor expresses frustration over no entertainment venues

    In Pattaya, the fight goes on to allow alcohol in restaurants and to reopen entertainment venues, at least in time for New Year’s festivities. After petitions and protests from various sectors, business groups, and tourism associations, Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunploem is again calling for nightlife businesses to be allowed to reopen in the city famous, or perhaps infamous, for…

  • Phuket News

    Phuket elections, alcohol ban scheduled for Sunday

    This Sunday, local Tambon Administrative Organisation (OrBorTor) elections are being held across the country. A nationwide alcohol ban is in effect for any communities that are holding OrBorTor elections, including a number of areas around Phuket. Voting will take place in Cherng Talay, Koh Kaew, Mai Khao, Sakhu, Thepkrasattri and Kamala. The alcohol ban for localities with an OrBorTor election…

  • Covid-19 News

    Next CCSA meeting will discuss opening nightlife businesses sooner

    Facing enormous pressure from entertainment and nightlife workers and businesses, the National Security Council Secretary-General hinted that lifting the ban on nightlife will be up for discussion at the next CCSA meeting. He said PM Prayut Chan-o-cha understands and sympathises with those in the industry but also worries about the Covid-19 situation as infections are still high and the country…

  • Tourism News

    Pattaya tourism quiet until entry and booze rules are eased

    According to the acting president of the Chon Buri Tourism Council, Pattaya is still quiet, and 95% of tourists there are Thai since the reopening to international tourists on November 1. Of the 200 to 300 people per day who do come, the majority are not tourists but businesspeople and expats. And many of the tourists who do come end…

  • Bangkok News

    Bars are closed in Bangkok… but not on Khao San Road

    The Thai government says bars are closed, and will be until mid-January, but if you look hard enough you’ll find many are open… and packed. Over the weekend, the entrance to Bangkok’s notorious Khao San Road was blocked with a Covid-19 checkpoint. To get on the street to party, people needed to show proof of vaccination or test negative for…

  • Thailand News

    Reopening of bars and nightclubs pushed to mid-January 2022

    It’s going to be at least two months until you’ll be able to legally drink a beer at a bar in Thailand… The long-awaited reopening of bars and nightlife venues has been pushed to January 15, 2022. The CCSA held a general meeting chaired by PM Prayut Chan-o-cha today and decided to push back the reopening date for entertainment venues.…

  • Events

    Pattaya Music Festival begins tonight under Covid-19 safety measures

    The Pattaya Music Festival is set to begin tonight… but don’t expect packed crowds and beer. Rather than the audiences squeezing tight to get close to the stage, last year, attendees sat in chairs with each seat placed a certain distance apart to prevent the spread of Covid-19. With Thailand still experiencing a wave of the coronavirus, the festival needed…

  • Pattaya News

    Pattaya police see no proof of alcohol in restaurant, but customers fled

    Like teenagers at a house party, customers ran from a restaurant near Bali Hai as Pattaya City Police raided the business looking for illegal alcohol service. The raid happened at 9 pm last night as police made the rounds, inspecting businesses and making sure restaurants were obeying the continued ban on alcohol sales and consumption now that it has been…

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  • Thailand News

    Department of Health begs for responsible drinking in restaurants

    The Department of Health is warning people that the permission granted to serve alcohol in restaurants in key tourist destinations must be used responsibly without people overdoing the boozing. They are asking restaurants not to serve drinks after the allowed hours and asking patrons to not overdo their drinking. Now that the government has dedicated Blue Zones for the primary…

  • Covid-19 News

    Easing of alcohol restrictions hinges on Covid-19 infection and hospitalisation rate

    The National Security Council says any easing of alcohol restrictions will depend on the Covid-19 situation. NSC boss Supoj Malaniyom adds that the 17 provinces open to tourists are likely to be the first to see nightlife permitted to return. According to a Bangkok Post report, the sale of alcohol in restaurants could also be extended, provided the Covid-19 situation…

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