Court awards torture victim 6.7 million baht

PHOTO: A victim was awarded 6.7 million baht by the court. His torturer was sentenced to 14 years. (via Pattaya Today)

Justice was served today as a woman and her two accomplices were sentenced by the court to over 14 years in jail and fined millions of baht after ruthlessly torturing a male victim. The Sing Buri Provincial Court handed down the ruling yesterday for the horrific crime against her employee uncovered one year ago.

Last year the brother of the 29 year old victim came to rescue his brother from the awful situation. When he was retrieved, a story unfolded of physical and psychological torture that shocked the public. The victim was made to eat bird faeces and dog faeces. His genitals were severely infected. And his face had been beating so badly so frequently that it was completely disfigured.

Thai Newsroom reported that the woman was arrested along with another man who had taken part in the torture. A second man was later charged in connection with the case.

Yesterday, the victim’s lawyer announced that the three sadistic torturers had been found guilty in the Sing Buri Provincial Court. They were each handed a prison term of 14 and a half years. The court ruled that they must compensate their torture victim 6.7 million baht for the pain and damage they inflicted on him. They were also sentenced to pay an additional 1.2 million baht in fines.

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The sentence was reduced for all three defendants since they cooperated and provided helpful testimony to the court. The victim’s lawyer hailed the court ruling as a triumph and vowed to pursue total judgement compensation without mercy.

“Today I have done my duty in getting justice for him and I will follow up and get the compensation for him too, even if it means seizing her beloved dog and selling it, I will do so.”

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