Thai couple jailed for 25 years for acid attack on student

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A Thai court sentenced a couple to 25 years in prison for attacking an 18 year old female student with acid, causing severe disfigurement. The husband received an additional 10 years and they were ordered to pay over 2 million baht in damages.

Chased by law enforcement, 21 year old Jesdaporn, and 25 year old Angkana, were apprehended hiding in a mango orchard in Udon Thani. The couple, dressed in black and wearing masks, attacked Natthikarn, a high school senior, while she was dining with her grandmother and uncle at a local eatery in Nang Rong, Buriram. The incident occurred today.

The acid caused severe burns to Natthikarn’s face, eyes, chest, and body, leaving her disfigured, with her left ear severed and her left eye nearly blinded. Her grandmother and uncle also sustained burns to their faces, necks, bodies, arms, and legs, although their injuries were less severe. Natthikarn required over four months of hospital treatment.

The motivation behind the attack is believed to be revenge, as the couple had previously been charged with abducting a minor and causing property damage, despite an earlier settlement. The couple’s actions were corroborated by evidence, including car rental records and CCTV footage from various locations, confirming their involvement in the acid attack.

The Nang Rong provincial prosecutor initially filed charges of serious bodily harm. However, upon further review, the charges were upgraded to attempted murder with premeditation due to the severity and intent of the attack.

On June 17, the court sentenced the couple to life imprisonment, which was then reduced to 25 years each due to their guilty pleas. The husband’s sentence was extended by an additional 10 years due to a prior conviction for abducting a minor, bringing his total sentence to 35 years. Additionally, they were ordered to pay 2.06 million baht (US$54,640) in damages.

Acid attack

In a statement, Pattharapong Suphaksorn, the lawyer representing Natthikarn, praised the justice system for swiftly apprehending the couple. He acknowledged the upgrade from serious bodily harm to attempted murder, reflecting the gravity of the crime. He expressed concern over whether the couple would comply with the court’s order to pay damages, as they had not provided any financial relief to the victim so far.

Natthikarn’s mother, Jirawan, expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision but shared concerns about the likelihood of receiving the court-ordered compensation. She described her daughter’s ordeal as a living hell, noting that while Natthikarn’s physical and mental state has slightly improved, she still cannot lead a normal life. Regular hospital visits in Buriram for eye and ear treatment, and trips to a Bangkok clinic for facial and scar assessments, remain part of her routine, reported KhaoSod.

Jirawan thanked the police, prosecutors, lawyers, and the court for their efforts in delivering justice. She also expressed gratitude to Dr Chonlathis for offering free reconstructive surgery for her daughter and hoped that the couple would empathise and provide some form of relief.

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