Chinese woman stabs Russian boyfriend’s Chinese mistress to death in Bangkok


The Chinese woman who murdered a fellow Chinese woman in a Bangkok shopping mall toilet yesterday told police that the deceased was in a secret relationship with her Russian boyfriend.

The foreign killer was found to have overstayed her visa in the kingdom, said police, adding that 36 year old Tang Jun entered Thailand on a tourist visa which has expired.

This morning, police interrogated Tang at Thung Song Hong Police Station, with the help of an interpreter, over the brutal murder of 34 year old Xiong Ziyi at Urban Square Shopping Centre yesterday afternoon. Tang stabbed Xiong 27 times.

Superintendent Pol. Col. Marutsood Nongbua said that the accused told police she has a Russian boyfriend who she met through WeChat. Tang said she hired Xiong as an interpreter to help her communicate with her boyfriend because of the language barrier.

However, Tang said she later found out that Xiong and the Russian man were in a secret relationship. Tang told Xiong to stop “interfering” with her boyfriend, but she didn’t, said Tang.

When Tang told the interpreter to lay off her man, Xiong allegedly threatened to leak nude pictures and videos of Tang on WeChat, infuriating Tang even further.

The killer said she arranged to meet Xiong at a restaurant in Urban Square Shopping Centre yesterday to “clear the problem.” However, Tang may have never really intended to resolve the problem amicably since she premeditatively brought a knife with her to the restaurant.

When the women couldn’t come to an agreement, Tang dragged Xiong into the woman’s bathroom and stabbed her 27 times with a fruit-peeling knife.

The accused’s comments are consistent with testimony provided by Tang’s acquaintance yesterday, who told police that Tang sent a message to a WeChat group – presumably aimed at Xiong – that read, “You used to translate for me. Now you’re messing with my man.”

Police said that once the interrogation is complete they will request the power from Ratchada Criminal Court to keep Tang detained.

Police said the investigating officers are preparing to file an objection against releasing Tang on bail because of the seriousness of the case.

Also, the accused is a foreigner will no fixed address so she is likely to attempt to flee the country if she is released on bail, said the superintendent.

Tang was initially charged with, “intention to kill” and “carrying a knife in public.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Chinese woman stabs fellow Chinese woman 27 times in Bangkok

A Chinese woman stabbed a fellow Chinese woman to death in the bathroom at a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand, this afternoon.

Text messages reveal that the perpetrator had accused the deceased of “messing with” her “before to stabbing her 27 times.

At 1pm, officers from Thong Song Hung Police Station were informed that a Chinese woman was stabbed to death at Urban Square Shopping Centre on Soi Prachachuen 12 in Lak Si district.

Police found the body of 34 year old Xiong Ziyi lying on her side in the women’s bathroom with 27 wounds on her body. The bathroom was a bloodbath.

Near Xiong’s body lay a bloody 15 centimetre fruit peeling knife.

The perpetrator, 36 year old Tang Jun, was waiting to surrender to the police.

Police arrested Tang and took her to Bangkok’s Thung Song Hong Police Station immediately.

An eyewitness, 55 year old Malun Kaenkaew, said she the Chinese women eating together in the mall. Both women walked toward the bathroom when an argument broke out, said Malun.

Malun saw Tang pull out the knife – which was her own and not from the restaurant – and stab Xiong once in the stomach before dragging her into the bathroom. Malun said she was so shocked that she couldn’t move but as soon as she came to her senses she rushed to call the security guard over.

The 28 year old security guard, Phatrawut Sangthawee, said that Tang was still stabbing Xiong when he entered the bathroom. He pulled them apart and confiscated the knife, but Xiong was already dead.

Phatrawut said he detained Tang until the police arrived because he was scared she would try to escape.

An acquaintance of the perpetrator told reporters he is in a WeChat group chat with Chinese people who do business in Thailand, of which both Tang and Xiong are members. He said he suspects Tang has a mental illness because whenever she has a problem she sends angry messages and pictures to the group chat.

The acquaintance suspects the two women were meeting to clear up a problem because, before the stabbing, Tang sent a message to the group, presumably aimed at Xiong, that read, “You used to translate for me. Now you’re messing with my man.”

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