Cheating husband’s scandalous affair with niece escalates to murder plot by wife and in-laws

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A cheating husband who had an affair with his niece survived a premeditated murder attempt by his wife and her family. The wife, her father, and her brother were arrested.

The victim, 35 year old Sutthitee, filed a complaint at Chai Wan Police Station on Friday, April 21 that he had been attacked by two men. The attackers threw a knife at his car and shot at him and his car several times.

After conducting a thorough investigation, police discovered that Sutthitee’s wife and her family were behind the attack and arrested the suspects: his 44 year old wife Ratree, Ratree’s 65 year old father Boonsri, and her 46 year old brother Sawaeng.

Ratree confessed to the crime and explained her motive to the police during questioning. Ratree explained that he caught her husband having an affair with her 18 year old niece named Aom who was the daughter of her brother, Sawaeng. She asked her husband and Aom to end the relationship but they ignored her.

An emotional Ratree said…

“You don’t know how it feels until it happens to you. My husband has an affair with my niece. I took care of them, both my husband and niece. No woman can accept this. I told them to stop, but no one listens. It is like my heart was stabbed with a sharp iron rod. They dare to do it even though we live in the same house. I filed a complaint against him for child abduction but there is no development.”

Ratree confessed that she used Aom’s phone to lure Sutthitee to an isolated location. Ratree pretended to be Aom and convinced Sutthitee to pick her up. Sutthitee fell into the trap and drove his pickup to the designated location.

Upon Sutthitee’s arrival at the scene, Ratree’s brother, Sawaeng, threw a knife at the car, breaking the window. Then, Ratree’s father, Boonsri, fired shots at Sutthitee and his car. Sutthitee was able to escape the scene in his car and filed a complaint with the police.

Boonsri confessed that he did not intend to kill Sutthitee but he was angry. Boonsri said…

“A man does not do this. He married my daughter but dare to have an affair with her niece. I admit that I fired at him. I was very angry!”

Aom was also questioned at the police station. She said…

“I admit to the relationship with uncle (Sutthitee). It has been a year already.”

When asked if she would continue the relationship after Ratree’s imprisonment, she stated that it depended on future circumstances and that she did not know what would happen.

The three suspects faced three charges including:

  • Attempted murder by premeditation. According to Section 288 of the Criminal Law: whoever murders others shall be punished with life imprisonment or imprisonment from 15 to 20 years. Any person who attempts to murder others would be punished with half of the punishment of Section 288.
  • Section 7 of the Act on Firearms, Ammunition, Explosive, Fireworks, and Imitation Firearm: possessing a gun without permission. The punishment will be imprisonment for up to 10 years, a fine of up to 20,000 baht, or both.
  • Section 8 of the Act on Firearms, Ammunition, Explosive, Fireworks, and Imitation Firearm: carrying a gun in a public place without permission and necessary. The punishment will be imprisonment for up to five years, a fine of up to 10,000 baht, or both.

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