Man’s desperate plea for debt repayment of nearly 1 million baht

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At the Mahachakrapad intersection in Chachoengsao yesterday, a man driven by desperation stood on a bridge with a sign pleading for the repayment of nearly one million baht, borrowed by a friend. This friend not only refuses to repay the debt but has also threatened legal action against him. The man displayed two handwritten signs addressed to the woman.

“Dear Debtor, today I beg you to return the remaining amount of 961,500 baht that you owe my family. You borrowed this money by insisting that your bedridden husband and father, who was in a car accident, needed it urgently.

Despite your promise to repay with interest rates of 10% to 20%, you have not honoured our agreement. Instead, you’ve used various excuses to borrow more, causing severe hardship for my family. You’ve even threatened to involve a lawyer.

My family is suffering because of your actions. How can you, with your power and connections, deceive and harm my poor family? My child’s future and education are at stake because of you.”

The man in question, 42 year old Tabraphon Wattanaprapakorn explained that he had known the woman, about 30 years old, for several years. Previously, she had been kind and supportive, helping him and his family.

However, in the last two to three years, her husband became bedridden, putting her in financial distress. She persuaded Tabraphon to borrow a large sum of money from informal lenders, promising to repay it. Trusting her due to her past kindness and social standing, he agreed.

As time passed, the woman not only failed to repay the borrowed money but also threatened to take legal action against Tabraphon. His family is now in dire straits, particularly because one of his two daughters has a heart condition requiring costly treatment.

Tabraphon can no longer borrow money from others due to the substantial amount of debt he already owes on behalf of the woman. He stated that his decision to hold the sign was a desperate measure to catch the attention of the debtor, hoping she would see it and feel compelled to return the borrowed money.

Tabraphon stressed that his family’s current hardship necessitated this public plea, as they have no other means to alleviate their financial burden, reported KhaoSod.

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